This Week in the Voice: April 12, 2012

In this week’s feature, Nico Dodd delves into the graffiti art community whose canvasses are the walls and abutments around the C&O Canal underneath the intersection of Key Bridge and Whitehurst Parkway: ‚ÄúPeople come into the Georgetown area… Read More

Village A graffiti removed, no charges levied against residents

The graffiti that appeared on the Village A rooftops last week is gone, and with it, all potential community charges. Area Coordinator Cory Peterson, who sent an email to rooftop residents last week about the incident, told students… Read More

Village A rooftop graffiti sparks angry ResLife email

[Editor’s note: The photo attached to this post is not the graffiti in question, but since it was on the Village A rooftops a few weeks ago, we figure it’s close enough.] After graffiti appeared on the Village… Read More

“Punks” with skateboards deface Saxby’s

A resident at 35th & O St noticed this graffiti on the exterior of Saxby’s earlier this week. On a georgetownforum listserv e-mail, e said he saw “punks outside the neighborhood” have been hanging out near the coffee… Read More

Graffiti involving Nazi symbol found in Village A

On Sunday, September 13, Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety reported an incident graffiti involving a Nazi symbol in Village A, according to the September Daily Crime Log [PDF]. The log describes the incident as: 3:28 a.m. September 13,… Read More

Grout and about

Graffiti artists have taken over part of the men’s restroom on Lauinger’s fourth floor. It isn’t just “[Roommate’s name] is dynamite in the sack” and a phone number, though. Instead, they pun with grout. On the wall above… Read More