Georgetown alum takes to the Internet, tries to better our relationship with the neighbors

If you ask just about anybody who’s been following the campus plan debacle (if you read this blog, we’re willing to bet that you’re one of them) to sum up the process in a word, you’re going to… Read More

Streetcar envy in Georgetown

While we await the completion of the H Street streetcar line, now expected to begin running by mid 2013, some area blogs are drooling over the idea of extending the line into Georgetown. Last week, Georgetown Metropolitan ran… Read More

Students: Better campus life would improve town-gown relations

[Editor’s Note: Kara Brandeisky is features editor for the Voice] In a post on Greater Greater Washington, ANC Commissioner Jake Sticka (COL ’13) and rising junior Kara Brandeisky (COL ’13) take aim at the controversial Office of Planning recommendation that… Read More

Student responds to “student ghetto” blog post on GGW

[Editor’s note: Kara Brandeisky is the head of business for the Voice.] Kara Brandeisky (COL ’13) has come to the defense of the Campus Plan following the recent post on Greater Greater Washington by Georgetown resident Ken Archer… Read More

Greater Greater Washington thinks D buses should replace Dupont GUTS

Could GUTS be a thing of the past? Greater Greater Washington, a blog about smart growth in the D.C. Metropolitan area, tackled the GUTS bus question yesterday and concluded that everyone would be better off if we just… Read More

Urban planning wonks sound off on proposed GUTS change

The absurdity of the new, potentially permanent Dupont GUTS bus route, discussed at the 10 year campus plan meeting, caught the attention of Greater Greater Washington, a wonky, “smart growth” blog about D.C.  The issue, mentioned briefly at… Read More