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GU Pride hosts ninth annual Georgetown Drag Ball

This past Saturday, GU Pride hosted the ninth annual Georgetown Drag Ball, Genderfunk. Since its inception nearly a decade ago, GenderFunk has been more than just a fun night of dancing and Drag performances: it provides a safe… Read More


Free speech panel faces tough questions from marginalized groups

The GUSA executive and the Georgetown University Speech and Expression Committee held a forum on free speech titled “Free Speech in the Digital Age: Are There Boundaries?” in the Lohrfink Auditorium last night. The panel consisted of GUSA… Read More

Yet another conservative, Catholic group thinks Georgetown isn’t Catholic enough

Yes, it’s happening again. Georgetown is being criticized as “too liberal” by an incredibly conservative and Catholic group. This time, GU Pride’s OUTober event came under sharp criticism in a hilariously terrible video called “The ‘Smoke of Satan’… Read More

GU Pride elects new board member as a representative for the trans* community

On Tuesday evening, GU Pride announced the results of its elections. Among the new board members, Celeste Chisholm (COL ’15) was elected as GU Pride’s first trans* representative. This new position reflects GU Pride’s current focus on standing for all… Read More

GU Pride raises awareness through Outober month events

October is coming out month and GU Pride, Georgetown’s undergraduate association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and allied students, has already kicked off its series of panels, discussions, and social events.The organization hosted a panel last Tuesday… Read More

National Coming Out Day kicks off “Outober” month with GU Pride

All day today, GU Pride is stationed in Red Square with over 300 free “I am” t-shirts and a door for students to walk through in support of LGBTQ issues, or even to come out of the closet…. Read More

College Dems host Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) to discuss his views on Israel

Last night, Barney Frank (D- Mass.), America’s most prominent gay Jewish politician, spoke on the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the initial event of “Israel Issue Week”, hosted by the Georgetown University College Democrats and J… Read More

Tammy Baldwin (D – WI) talks personal and national issues to students

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin characterized her decision to go into politics as a “professor” moment—as a twenty-three-year-old in her first semester of law school, she asked one of her professors if she should run for the open seat on… Read More

Gender Liberation Week speaker argues marriage is death for LGBTQ rights

Tuesday night in White-Gravenor, LGBTQ rights advocate Ryan Conrad shared his unconventional opinions about the futility of marriage rights. “Is [marriage] the battle worth fighting for?” he asked. “I think not.” As the author and founder of Against… Read More

Free Food-For-All: The icing on the cake

If there’s one thing every college student loves, it’s free food. Each week, Vox will highlight a few events to help you survive without a meal plan. Send tips and suggestions to gbible@georgetownvoice.com. Get charmed Duff Goldman, star… Read More