GUSA FinApp updates proposed budget

Last night, the GUSA Finance and Appropriations Committee passed a new version of the Fiscal Year 2012 Student Activities Budget based on the appeals of three groups that did not receive the full allocation they asked for from… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Going out with a bang (and a budget)

I have never seen a GUSA meeting so full in my entire life. 29 Senators were there and 20-some odd visitors, including representatives from SAC, CSJ, Relay for Life, Club Sports, and the Lecture Fund. If you want… Read More

Angert ally, FinAp committee member Tim Swenson’s take on the Battle of the Budget

A preview of this evening’s GUSA meeting We’ve heard the SAC side of the great GUSA Battle of the Budget, so we thought it was about time to check in with the opposition. What does Senator Tim Swenson… Read More

ANGERTOMETER: stalling and strong-arming don’t spell success

Given the great success of the Dowdometer, Vox has decided it’s about time to break-in the Angertometer! You’ll notice our expectations for Calen are relatively high. High given his year of experience in Pat’s administration, which ended on… Read More

Surprise! You’re a GUSA Senator!

Sunday’s GUSA meeting wasn’t all serious budget battles, far from it! For those of you whose heads are swimming from all that bickering over real stuff, never fear. The fun side of GUSA is back. Remember those pesky… Read More

SAC Chair tells clubs that GUSA’s budget battle could put them in “deep financial jeopardy”

For many Georgetown students, the current GUSA budgetary stand-off is probably just another in a long line of amusing student government squabbles. But for those who have been waiting months to get their funding and are potentially getting… Read More

The Angert “conspiracy” that’s jeopardizing next year’s budget

How is GUSA doing on this year’s approval of the budget? I’m glad you asked. Here’s how Matt Wagner (SFS ’11) broke it down to the Senate yesterday. “We have a budget the Senate voted ‘no’ on, and… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Hyde and Seek

Represents the Registrar… or until recently, GUSA’s budget Keeping his promise from last week, GUSA Speaker Reggie Greer (COL ’09) started off this week’s meeting with a rather lengthy brief from the Registrar about MyAccess, the (unpopular) new… Read More