GUSA Elections: The eager to get involved (a.k.a. freshmen) edition

To help foster a (hopefully) more informed student body for this year’s Georgetown University Student Association Senate Elections, Vox invited all candidates to complete a short questionnaire regarding their candidacies. And, to our surprise, some of them even responded! The election is scheduled for this Thursday, although the exact 24-hour voting period is dependent on when […]

Calen Angert and Jason Kluger win reelection to GUSA executive

In a solid victory over runners-up Matt Wagner (SFS ’11) and Emmanuel Hampton (COL ’11) and two other tickets, Georgetown University Student Association President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) have won reelection to the GUSA executive, student Election Commissioners report. Angert and Kluger won in the first round, but […]

GUSA election, with 3,152 votes cast, may have set new turnout record

Sam Ungar (COL ’12), the Georgetown University Student Association parliamentarian, said in an e-mail that today’s election may have had the highest turnout of any GUSA election to date: “Assuming an undergraduate population near 7,092 (the 2008-09 enrollment, which is the last publicly available figure on the University’s website),” he writes, “we had a turnout […]

Vote in Vox‘s GUSA exit poll: Who did you put a 1 next to on the ballot?

It’s Georgetown University Student Association election day, all day! The polls close at 11:59 p.m. tonight, and vote counting will take place all day tomorrow. Student Election Commissioners have said that ideally, they will disclose the results of today’s GUSA Presidential Election to the winners of the election, GUSA Speaker Adam Talbot (COL ’12), Parliamentarian […]

“Georgetown Goes Wild for Tucker and Arman”: Ismail and Stafford’s second campaign video

“He’s got the most shit in there … he’s got the warmest shit … and he’s got a fuckin’ ice table,” quoth a drunk student at a Village A rooftop party, where GUSA executive candidates Arman Ismail (COL’11) and Tucker Stafford (COL ’12) seem to have filmed most of their second campaign video. In a […]

“Citizen Madness”: A campaign video for everyone’s favorite write-in

To break-up a very GUSA-heavy day, Vox has a video for all you folks who don’t give a hoot about the Georgetown University Student Association or their elections. If you even bother to open the e-mail with the your ballot in it tomorrow—or if you don’t care to rank anyone else after the candidate you […]

“Calen and Jason: GUSA 2010″: Angert and Kluger’s GUSA campaign video

A little late out of the gate, President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11), who are running for reelection in Tuesday’s Georgetown University Student Association for President and VP, have posted their campaign video. Their video, complete with outtakes, features “Eye of the Tiger,” slap fights, role playing, an endorsement […]

Minor election hiccups in last week’s GUSA Senate special election

Unbeknownst to most students, last Tuesday, a special election took place to fill a vacancy in the Georgetown University Student Association Senate. With 76 votes, Andrew Foley (MSB ’10) beat out David Lee (NHS ’10), who had 63 votes, for the off-campus seat that Senator Josh Mogil (SFS ’11) vacated when he went abroad. And, […]

“Damn it Feels Good to be a Hoya”: Wagner and Hampton’s GUSA campaign video

Arman Ismail (COL ‘11) and Tucker Stafford’s (COL ‘12) aren’t the only GUSA candidates with a seriously entertaining campaign video—candidates Matt Wagner (SFS ’11) and Emmanuel Hampton (COL ’11) have been busy too. And yeah, theirs is a rap. Complete with backup dancers, abrupt cutaways around campus, and an awkwardly jiving Wagner, “Damn it Feels […]

“Believe 2010,” GUSA candidates Ismail and Stafford’s campaign video

If GUSA presidential election season were like the Christmas season—and it’s not—GUSA candidate surveys would be like family togetherness, and GUSA campaign videos would be like presents. The former are nice, the latter, delightful. Nothing will ever meet the awesomeness of former GUSA executives Ben Shaw (COL ’08) and Matt Appenfeller’s (COL ’08) “Vote in […]

Vox‘s GUSA Candidate Survey: Hillary Dang and Katie Balloch

It’s that time of year again. Vox has sent the 2010 version of its annual Georgetown University Student Association Candidate Survey to each of the four Presidential and Vice Presidential hopefuls and we’re posting their (usually long-winded) responses as we receive them. This year, we’re asking candidates things like what they think of club funding […]