The candidates keep ’em coming

Hayes and Madorsky threw their hat into the GUSA-YouTube ring tonight with a clever take-off of those UPS ads. Never mind the slightly off-putting statement, “It’s not really how to vote. It’s who to vote for.” And don’t… Read More

GUSA Candid Interviews…Tim Brown

Here’s the first in our coming series of interviews with GUSA candidates. Tim Brown (COL ’09) discusses his campaign, Georgetown basketball, and empowering students. —Tim Fernholz, Contributing Editor

More GUSA YouTube action

Tim Brown (COL ’09) and Dale Sevin (SFS ’09) have produced the latest GUSA campaign video for your enjoyment. It’s the best of the year so far, but I’m not sure it rivals all-time classic Vote in a… Read More

GUSA candidates channel humor, creepiness

It’s such a shame because this video starts out so well: a ridiculous study, a spot-on critique of the University ( “And Leo’s…you said you were going to make a change! But we didn’t mean the doors! We… Read More

GUSA race too close to call…

… at least according to how many members each ticket has in their Facebook group. As of about 8 o’clock, when this post was written, the totals were: Pat and James: 221 DW and Andrew: 183 Dietz and… Read More

Tell your GUSA senators your dreams and fears

The Student Association’s senatorial election is finished, despite hiccups. Here are the winning senators and their emails. Take look at my column on the senate’s new action committees, then contact your representatives and tell them what you think… Read More

Yet another hanging-chad-filled GUSA election

Was anyone surprised to discover that, once again, our esteemed student government experienced electoral technical difficulties last night? “Due to unforeseen technical problems, the GUSA Senate online voting system was not functioning last night. The site is now… Read More

Rules of enfranchisement

If you weren’t planning on voting because you don’t give a shit about GUSA, now you have a reason to: You can learn about other countries’ electoral systems. GUSA is now using an instant runoff system – also… Read More

People of the Year?

It’s election season again at Georgetown, which means in a few weeks and after numerous appeals Martha Swanson will have handpicked a successor to Twister. Nevertheless, students will still be granted the privilege of participating in mock elections,… Read More