On the Record with Sara and Ryan: Capital Campaign, advocacy, and some extra cheese

In preparation for the 2015 GUSA Executive Election on Feb. 19, Vox will be speaking with all five tickets throughout the week to get to know the candidates on a more personal level. First up is Sara Margolis… Read More


Tezel and Jikaria sworn in as GUSA executives

After election results were certified Saturday, the newly appointed President and Vice president, Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), respectively, gave their inaugural speeches Sunday. The two were sworn in separately and then gave their own speeches…. Read More


Fact Checkers: Trevor and Omika’s platform has a lot of promises

For the second to last Fact Checkers, Vox took a look at Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria‘s (SFS ’15) campaign. The lengthy platform is divided into three sections: connect to your values, connect to your community, and connect to your… Read More