SAFE Update: Vote total passes critical mark

The Student Activity Fee Endowment (SAFE) reform referendum reached the number of votes required for it to be valid. As of noon today, 2,002 votes were cast in the referendum with more than a day of voting left…. Read More

How are you voting in the GUSA SAFE reform referendum?

12:15 a.m. update: 741 votes have been cast as of 11:49 p.m., according to GUSA Election Commission member Adam Giansiracusa. Original post: Voting begins tonight around midnight for the Student Activities Fee Endowment (SAFE) reform referendum. The reforms… Read More

Vote in Vox‘s GUSA exit poll: Who did you put a 1 next to on the ballot?

It’s Georgetown University Student Association election day, all day! The polls close at 11:59 p.m. tonight, and vote counting will take place all day tomorrow. Student Election Commissioners have said that ideally, they will disclose the results of… Read More

Inside GUSA’s Exit Poll

If you made it through the nine rounds of IRV voting in the first election, you probably noticed the Exit Poll GUSA tacked on to the end. GUSA Speaker of the Senate Eden Schiffman said the poll was… Read More