Free pumpkins, Copley Lawn!

As of 4:35 GUSA’s pagan celebration had fallen apart and people were just taking pumpkins. I don’t know if that’s GUSA-sanctioned or the wisdom of crowds, but it doesn’t bode well for tomorrow’s Dowdometer. If you’ve just come… Read More

GUSA: Not all peaches ‘n’ cream, grassroots explained

“Spread to the four winds!” The GUSA Senate formed the Student Commission for Unity last spring in response to last year’s bias-related incidents and The Hoya’s “Jena 6″ snafu last fall. In April, the SCU conducted a survey… Read More

Come on people now, GUSA-style

The latest morsel of campus-wide email fun comes from GUSA president Pat Dowd and his vice-president James Kelly, both of whom really really want you to get involved in student government.The first part of the email is a… Read More