On the Record with Joe and Connor 2.0

After the GUSA senate’s unanimous vote yesterday, Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16) have officially been certified as the next president and vice president of the association. Although they will not be sworn in until… Read More

GUSA roundup

GUSA & Vice President Todd Olson approve joint-funding plan for accessibility

After hearing from several student groups on campus, Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15), Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) President, Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), GUSA Vice President, and Rob Shepherd (MSB ’15), Chair of Finance and Appropriations of the GUSA… Read More


On the Record with Joe and Connor: Creating a shark-free Youtopia of clarity and transparency

The fifth and final ticket in the 2015 GUSA Executive Election that Vox spoke with was Joe Luther (COL ’16), running for President, and Connor Rohan (COL ’16), running for Vice President. Their platform is chock-full of “___topias”,… Read More


On the Record with Chris and Meredith: Finance your Future and GUSA culture change …ya DIG?

The fourth ticket in the 2015 GUSA Executive Election that Vox spoke with was Chris Wadibia (COL ’16), running for President, and Meredith Cheney (COL ’16), running for Vice President. Their platform includes Finance your Future, a program… Read More


On the Record with Abbey and Will: Rise Together with funding reform, free speech, and Right Shark

The second ticket in the 2015 GUSA Executive Election that Vox spoke with was Abbey McNaughton (COL ’16), running for President, and Will Simons (COL ’16), running for Vice President. Their platform includes increasing the Student Activities fee to alleviate… Read More

GUSA (sadly, not Chicken) Madness 2015 has officially begun

It is that time of year again. At exactly 12:00 a.m., under the cover of darkness, the GUSA candidates officially announced their campaigns for the 2015 Executive Elections. Here are the official tickets: Abbey McNaughton (COL ’16) for President… Read More

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GUSA plans to improve and expand spring Arts Week

Last year, the Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) hosted the university’s first Arts Week, an initiative that strove to highlight different arts groups on campus and engage the student body with art, music, and theater events happening on… Read More


Recycling just got better: TerraCycle at Georgetown

If you’ve ever stood at your recycling receptacle, perplexed, with a questionably recyclable object in your hand, good news has arrived. Last year, the GUSA Senate Sustainability Subcommittee started Georgetown’s extension of the initiative, Terracycle, on our campus…. Read More


GUSA’s Multicultural Council hosts first “Multicultural Week”

Last week, Tuesday January 27 through February 1, Georgetown hosted its first ever Multicultural Week. Thanks to the work of GUSA’s Multicultural Council—a new council initiated by GUSA’s Trevor Tezel (SFS’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS’15) last year in… Read More


What to expect for the 2015 GUSA Executive Election

Tonight in the ICC, the GUSA Election Commission of Pavan Rajgopal (SFS ’15), Alden Fletcher (SFS ’17), and Grady Willard (SFS ’18) held the first of two mandatory information sessions for any candidate team interested in running in… Read More