Where $150+ of your money goes each year: Vox explains GUSA’s Budget Summit

February is a big month for GUSA. And no, Vox is not just talking about elections for GUSA executive. GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations Committee held their annual Budget Summit on Sunday. FinApp Chair Seamus Guerin (COL ’16) called… Read More


Fact Checkers: Singer and Silkman attempt to fight for students’ rights

In this fourth and final installment of the GUSA Fact Checkers series, Vox trains its worldly eye on the last pair of executive candidates, Zach Singer (SFS ’15) and Dan Silkman (COL ’15). Their platform is divided into… Read More


GUSA presidential debate sparks heated discussion and sassy commentary

The 2014 GUSA Presidential Debate commenced Sunday night with candidates Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15), Zach Singer (SFS ’15), Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15), and Ben Weiss (COL ’15) standing behind music stands that held their prepared statements. Vox noted the candidates looked rather like a barbershop quartet,… Read More

Vote in Vox’s GUSA election straw poll!

As the GUSA election begins to wrap up, Vox would like to get an idea of who is leading the race. Now that the vice presidential and presidential debates have both wrapped up in addition to a majority of the… Read More

Live Blog: 2014 GUSA presidential debate

Join Vox as she live blogs the 2014 GUSA presidential debate from the Leavey Program Room.  


Vice Presidential debate wraps up with announcement of cross endorsements

Yesterday at the GUSA debate, the four vice presidential candidates had an hour and a half to give their campaign spiels and answer tough questions about their respective platforms. With the limited 30-second speaking period, the candidates occasionally… Read More

Alcohol amnesty clause added to Student Code of Conduct

GUSA announced Feb. 10 that the University administration has amended the Student Code of Conduct to codify alcohol amnesty for students involved in cases of sexual assault. The amendment ensures that the Office of Student Conduct will not bring… Read More


On the record with Trevor and Omika: They’ve got lots of plans

Vox spoke to Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15), a GUSA presidential candidate, and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), vice presidential candidate, about their campaign and Jikaria’s lack of love for Wisey’s (though she’s a vegetarian, so that’s slightly more understandable). What are… Read More


On the Record with Ben and Sam: They want to do lots of things for you

Vox spoke to Ben Weiss (COL ’15), a GUSA presidential candidate, and Sam Greco (SFS ’15), vice presidential candidate, about important things like Wisey’s Hot Chick and Georgetown Heckler. What are the issues you hope to address while in office and what… Read More

Zach and Dan

On the Record with Zach and Dan: Let’s talk in third person

Vox spoke to Zach Singer (SFS ’15), who is running for GUSA president, and Dan Silkman (COL ’15), running for vice president, about important things like Wisey’s Hot Chick and Her Campus. What are the issues you hope… Read More