BREAKING: Calen Angert and Jason Kluger win GUSA election

Congratulations, Angert and Kluger! Calen Angert (MSB `11) and Jason Kluger (MSB `11) have won the GUSA presidential election, according to an email sent out by Election Commissioner Mirco Haag (SFS ’09). (Want to see what Angert and… Read More

The full results of Friday’s GUSA primaries

OpenGUSA has the complete and certified results from Friday’s GUSA primaries, in which a total of 2,592 students voted. Angert-Kluger and Lamb-Breen were the top two tickets (with Angert-Kluger on top by almost 200 votes), and will go… Read More

Got a question for the GUSA candidates?

On Monday night, openGUSA will host a debate between GUSA primary winners Calen Angert and Jeff Lamb. You can schlep to Healy 104 at a time TBA or can watch as openGUSA live-streams it, but either way, openGUSA… Read More

BREAKING: Final two GUSA tickets are Angert and Lamb

An anonymous source has told Vox Populi that the top two candidates in the GUSA primary election are Jeff Lamb-Molly Breen and Calen Angert-Jason Kluger. No word on the vote breakdown yet. The candidates will participate in a… Read More

Photo of the Week: Is Jeff Lamb gonna have to smack a Bro?

Jeff Lamb at Tuesday night’s emergency GUSA session I don’t know what I like more about this photo—Jeff Lamb’s attempt to restrain himself, or Dimitrios’ sweater.  Thoughts?

BREAKING: GUSA Constitutional Council put Dagher-Ibrahim, Lamb-Breen back on ballot

Celebrate! At 1:33, the GUSA Constitutional Council sent the following email: Dear GUSA Candidates, Members of and Advisors to GUSA, Members of Campus Media, and Fellow Hoyas, Below are the GUSA Constitutional Council Rulings RE: the Appeal Brought… Read More

Lamb-Breen send complaint to Constitutional Council

Last night’s emergency GUSA meeting spawned the Constitutional Council, which the Senators charged with making sense out of the current situation. This morning, slighted-feeling ticket Jeff Lamb and Molly Breen filed an appeal of the Election Commission’s decision… Read More

GUSA Roundup: The emergency Election session

Again! Oh my Lord baby Jesus. What a meeting. Some people walked in at 9:30 hoping this would be a short one, but not tonight. Things started out orderly enough, and with more members of the public in… Read More

BREAKING: GUSA elections suspended

Troiano and Dowd will star in “GUSA: The Musical,” premiering tonight at 9:30 According to GUSA Senator Nick Troiano, as of 6:30 p.m. today the questionable GUSA elections are officially suspended.  There will be a special emergency GUSA… Read More

The Election Commission responds!

Following my own advice, I sent out an e-mail to the Election Commission.  Here’s what they have to say for themselves: The Election Commission decided to disqualify two tickets because each ticket had at least 2 flyering/posting violations. … Read More