Pissed about the election? E-mail the Election Commission and your GUSA Senator!

Don’t riot, write! Upset about this year’s election fiasco but unsure what you can do about it besides leaving angry comments on Vox posts? Well, in addition to that (seriously, keep it up!) you can also make your… Read More

Election Commisson disqualifies Lamb-Breen, Dagher-Ibrahim tickets

Last night, the Election Commission, which will run the primary for GUSA Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates has decided to disqualify two tickets, Voice– and College Dems-endorsed Jeff Lamb and Molly Breen, and Peter Dagher and Elias Ibrahim…. Read More

Sean Hayes’ sweet tat

As boasted on our Twitter feed, we the Voice editorial board glimpsed GUSA Presidential Candidate Sean Hayes’ Georgetown tattoo. Well, we weren’t lying. Here’s a photo, courtesy of Hayes: He said he got it last year when he… Read More

No more Mr. Nice GUSA: Senators asked to resign

It would be lazy to make a “hardly working” joke here … lazy like a GUSA Senator. Last week, Lillian Kaiser reported that an unseemly number of GUSA Senators haven’t been attending GUSA meetings regularly. On Thursday night,… Read More

SCUnity breaks from GUSA, support, backlash follow

…Using the best breakup song ever Last week, the board of the Student Commission for Unity voted to break away from GUSA. Their decision went into effect Sunday, and Brian Kesten (COL `10) promptly emailed SCUnity’s listserv with… Read More

Hitting the G-SPAN: Nick Troiano liveblogs on openGUSA

Next up GUSA Senator Nick Troiano (Village A, F-H), he of the storied SAC sit-in, cemented his place in Vox’s heart (we have one, blackened and withered as it may be…) last night with the launch of his… Read More

Funding Board doles out cash, sends IRC directly to jail

As if it grows on trees Last night’s annual Funding Board meeting concluded with a slap in the face for the International Relations Club and GPB, GUSA, and SAC making out like Rich Uncle Pennybags. In the end,… Read More

The GUSA election farce, a proud annual tradition

One can only hope If there’s one thing that delights more during GUSA election season than the candidates‘ campaigns, it’s got to be the campaigns of students who aren’t running for GUSA—anywhere but Facebook, that is. Enter FarceWatch… Read More

Rumors hint Georgetown Day is rescheduled or cancelled

Give us, us Georgetown Day! The Provost’s Office is trying to reschedule Georgetown Day. I say “trying” because students have erupted over the past 24 hours in an online display of unmitigated fury. According to Bridget Geraghty (COL… Read More

GUSA prematurely loses Wood, or, Vice-Speaker resigns

Here’s the update on Vice Speaker Brian Wood’s (COL ’09) unexpected decision to resign from GUSA that we reported on last week: Wood graduated from the College early, in December. In an email to the Senate on Friday,… Read More