The 2009 GUSA Presidential Candidate List

According to Election Commissioner Sophia Behnia (COL `09), the following six tickets are officially running for 2009-2010 GUSA President and Vice President (the first name listed is the Presidential candidate): Josh Mogil and Lauren Klein. Mogil is the… Read More

GUSA Meeting Rundown: SCUnity scuffle and RAD packages

The most intriguing part of this week’s meeting might have been what went unsaid.  After GUSA approved 6 of SCUnity’s 8 recommendations, Speaker Reggie Greer made a subtle announcement in the evening’s proceedings: ex-Vice Speaker Brian Wood has… Read More

Dowdometer: Say Namaste to student initiative!

Buried in last week’s GUSA coverage was a bit about GUSA President Pat Dowd’s (SFS `09) latest, and perhaps last crusade: raising funds for a Hindi language program here at Georgetown. Dowd and a fundraising team intend to… Read More

Kesten and crew unveil SCUnity report in Gaston

It took fifteen months to compile, during which time it suffered royal controversy and headline wordplay, but the tome-of-a SCUnity report is finally here. Flanked by his SCUnity commission and his co-investigator Brian Cook (COL `10), project mastermind… Read More

GUSA meeting roundup: Noisome policies, SafeRides, and Pat’s projects

Editor’s note: below is the first edition of Vox Populi’s weekly GUSA roundups, a sass-meets-C-SPAN summary of Georgetown student government’s goings-on. In sum, we’ll go to GUSA meetings so you won’t have to. We think Tipp O’Neill would… Read More

GW takes a page out of the Ben and Matt playbook

Amused by the implosion of the GW student government, I decided to check out their website and found a rather familiar sounding section called “I Love GW But…” As Georgetown students may recall, that’s a slightly modified version… Read More

GUSA and the Meeting of Mayhem

SAC certainly set the bar high for angry late-night meeting antics on Monday, but GUSA proved that chaos and outrage aren’t exclusive to SAC at a three-ring circus of a meeting Wednesday night. In between talk about SafeRides… Read More

“I don’t give a damn!”: GUSA senator stages sit-in at SAC constitution meeting

As The Hoya reports, SAC passed an amendment to its constitution last night that officially gave its chairs a power that current SAC chair Sophia Behnia (COL `09) says they have had for years: the ability to independently… Read More

SAC chair Sophia Behnia: Georgetown’s newest aspiring kleptocrat

The Student Activities Commission has shaken off GUSA’s checks on its power, so last week GUSA was trying to reassert one of those checks–its right to appoint SAC’s chairperson. Instead of the ad hoc system where the outgoing… Read More

Purloined pumpkin put to good use

Hey, it’s Jack DeGioia! Heckler editor Jack Stuef took my advice, grabbed a GUSA pumpkin, and turned it into a veritable doppelganger for our university president. Next up: Spiro Dimolitsas. Understanding Stuef’s administrator fetish would take the whole… Read More