Dowdometer: Harvest Time

It’s time for another appearance of the Dowdometer, where we gauge how GUSA President Pat Dowd is living up to expectations. He’s a pumpkin today in honor of his fall giveaway. Despite being a happy pumpkin, Pat is… Read More

The Great Pumpkins of GUSA

I don’t know which pumpkin won GUSA’s carving contest, but these were some of my favorites.

Make mine a Pat-o-lantern

GUSA president Pat Dowd and his friends/foot soldiers in GUSA Grassroots are setting up pumpkin carving tables on Healy Lawn today. They’re providing the pumpkins, so you only have to bring your Thomas Friedman blueprints and enthusiasm. At… Read More

Happy Norovirus V-Day, Leo’s blameless

The University just sent out an email saying we beat the Dread Pirate Norovirus. Hurray! The cheering will be loudest at Aramark because the email says Leo’s isn’t at fault: The Department of Health continues their investigation into… Read More

GUSA: Not all peaches ‘n’ cream, grassroots explained

“Spread to the four winds!” The GUSA Senate formed the Student Commission for Unity last spring in response to last year’s bias-related incidents and The Hoya’s “Jena 6″ snafu last fall. In April, the SCU conducted a survey… Read More

Come on people now, GUSA-style

The latest morsel of campus-wide email fun comes from GUSA president Pat Dowd and his vice-president James Kelly, both of whom really really want you to get involved in student government.The first part of the email is a… Read More

Introducing the Dowdometer

I didn’t think much of GUSA President Pat Dowd when he was running. Neither did the Voice editorial board, which endorsed his opponents. With GUSA Summer Fellows coming together so soon and his pretty good response to our… Read More

Pat Dowd and GUSA get tough on crime

Along with the numerous Public Safety Alert emails you’ve been receiving lately, you may have noticed a message from GUSA about their “Campus Safety efforts.” If the text of the e-mail seems familiar, that’s because it’s copied-and-pasted from… Read More

Free newspapers for everyone! (Finally!)

A year after GUSA Prez Ben Shaw and Veep Matt Appenfeller pledged to get free newspapers on campus and a month after the planned date for their Georgetown debut, the papers have finally arrived on campus. Sleek tan… Read More

Dowd and Kelly win GUSA election

The Election Commission announced tonight that Pat Dowd (SFS ’09) and James Kelly (COL ’09) won the run-off election and will be the next GUSA President and Vice President. After three rounds of instant run-off voting, Dowd received… Read More