Inside GUSA’s Exit Poll

If you made it through the nine rounds of IRV voting in the first election, you probably noticed the Exit Poll GUSA tacked on to the end. GUSA Speaker of the Senate Eden Schiffman said the poll was… Read More

How to stay relevant (or at least give yourself a fighting chance)

With four GUSA presidential candidates left in the ongoing run-off election, the four who were bounced find themselves in a unique position to play kingmaker, owning a combined 482 first-place votes between them in the original election. While… Read More

Some GUSA number crunching

As the above graph shows, it turns out there’s an incredibly strong correlation between how many members each GUSA ticket’s Facebook group has and how many first round votes they got. Not an incredibly surprising fact when you… Read More

GUSA election results (round 1, at least)

You can see how a simple election can quickly become a muddled mess when you add in seven superfluous rounds of voting. For those unfamiliar with instant-runoff voting (IRV), if a single ticket doesn’t get a majority in… Read More

GUSA Senate refuses to certify election results; run-off scheduled

The GUSA Senate has decided not to certify the results of the presidential election, instead opting for a run-off between the top four candidates, DW Cartier (COL ’09), Pat Dowd (SFS ’09), Kyle Williams (COL ’09) and David… Read More

Dude, where’s my election results?

After an anomalous problem-free election last year, it looks like last Thursday’s contest will add a new story to GUSA’s illustrious history of election scandal.  From the election commission to candidates and campus media: Hi all, The Election… Read More

Now this is how you dance

Hayes and Madorsky have found their thing and they’re sticking with it. This time, though, instead of UPS, they’re parodying a Nextel commercial. If this ad is to be taken literally, Hayes and Madorsky plan to spend the… Read More

More GUSA YouTube action

Tim Brown (COL ’09) and Dale Sevin (SFS ’09) have produced the latest GUSA campaign video for your enjoyment. It’s the best of the year so far, but I’m not sure it rivals all-time classic Vote in a… Read More

I think GUSA’s all right, but … where are the free newspapers?

When Ben Shaw and Matt Appenfeller ran for president and vice-president of GUSA, their promise of free newspapers melted my heart. When I visited Holy Cross in high school, their stacks of New York Times and Washington Post… Read More

Tell your GUSA senators your dreams and fears

The Student Association’s senatorial election is finished, despite hiccups. Here are the winning senators and their emails. Take look at my column on the senate’s new action committees, then contact your representatives and tell them what you think… Read More