Brace yourselves: GUSA election season has officially begun despite the weather

GUSA campaigns may have been too optimistic about the weather. At midnight, GUSA candidates officially announced their campaigns, marking a period almost all Georgetown students (except those involved in GUSA) have come to fear: GUSA executive election season…. Read More


H*yas for Choice Tabling Update 2.0: Free speech policies to be clarified at later date

At Thursday’s Free Speech and Expression Committee meeting, H*yas for Choice President Laura Narefsky (COL ’14) and Vice President Abby Grace (SFS ’16) had two specific requests for the University. In an email to Vox, Grace listed the… Read More

GUSA creates a new position and commends Facilities for doing something

This week’s convening of GUSA senators clocked in at just 26 minutes, about which everyone involved was joyous. Then again, it’s possible everyone wanted to get out early to work on catchy slogans for upcoming GUSA campaigns. In… Read More

Breaking: Students studying abroad in fall 2015 can participate in housing selection

Students rejoice, as they no longer have to fear living in the Quad junior year. The Office of Residential Living sent an email this evening that said students planning to study abroad in the fall can participate in… Read More


GUSA wants a talk with the Provost

Georgetown’s new provost Robert Groves has been busy, going after grade inflation and snow days. GUSA Secretary of Academic Affairs Guy Mentel (COL ’14) and Senate Intellectual Life Chairwoman Shweta Wahal (SFS ’16) have launched an “engagement campaign” in response… Read More


GUSA to address noise concerns in New South Student Center construction

On Sunday night, after weeks of scandal, power struggle, and unhappy tension, the GUSA Senate finally decided to pull itself together. In an atmosphere of friendly banter, punctuated by moments of laughter and jokes, it unanimously passed a… Read More


New chalk, er, ramblings replace “Starry Night Over Georgetown”

Update 12:00 am: The artist of the original chalk drawing emailed Vox saying this  drawing is his and does say “SAMO” (though the artist identified as Sa Mo in the first post), though he did not comment on the… Read More


GUSA releases suggestions for improved policies surrounding sexual assault

GUSA publicly released a document over the weekend showing support for the new White House Sexual Assault Initiatives, which also offered its own suggestions for improved prevention policies here on Georgetown’s campus. The press release states that GUSA “continues to… Read More

Bylaws will be bylaws: GUSA elects new vice speaker in tiebreaker

After two weeks of drama, GUSA did not fail to disappoint with the election of Senator Kasey Ng (SFS ‘16) to the vice speaker-ship after a long night of confused and spicy debate. After Ethan Chess‘s (COL ‘14) petition… Read More


University working to remove space fees as part of reallocation of tuition dollars to student programming boards

Update, 8:00 pm: In an email to Vox, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Erika Cohen-Derr clarified that GUSA’s press release from Monday night was prompted by the Division of Student Affair’s wider reallocation of tuition dollars, one of the three methods… Read More