GUSA executives take a tour of Ryan and Mulledy Halls

GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14), Vice President Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14), and Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14), as well as several others, toured the Ryan and Mulledy Halls, which are currently being renovated for the future use of student… Read More

GUSA Constitutional Council rules Greco is senate speaker

At a hearing held on Saturday night, the GUSA Constitutional Council ruled that the Jan. 12 senate speaker confirmation vote was unlawful and that, as a result of George Spyropoulos‘ (COL ’14) resignation, Sam Greco (SFS ’15) is the true senate speaker…. Read More

Speakergate: GUSA Constitutional Council to open inquiry on Senate speaker election

On Friday afternoon, the GUSA Constitutional Council voted to unanimously accept Ethan Chess’ (COL ’14) petition concerning the events of the Jan. 12 Senate meeting. Senators had voted against approving Vice Speaker Sam Greco (SFS ’15) to assume to speakership. Instead,… Read More

GUSA holds unexpected debate over election of new speaker

GUSA’s first order of business this semester was to elect a new speaker after former Speaker George Spyropoulos (COL ’14) resigned in December. The Senate went against precedent and GUSA’s bylaws to vote against approving Vice-Speaker Samuel Greco’s (SFS ’15)… Read More

GUSA wraps up the first theme of What’s a Hoya? program

On Friday, GUSA concluded its ‘Women and Men for Others’ program, the first of three themes in its What’s a Hoya? program. The program rewards freshmen with housing points for showing up to educational seminars that are intended to… Read More

Speaker George Spyropoulos resigns, funding reform passed at GUSA meeting

Amidst the snow and finals angst, the GUSA senate met Sunday night to pass a resolution to reform student group funding as well as witness the resignation of their Speaker, George Spyropoulos (SFS ’14). The Resignation The meeting… Read More

GUSA Senate endorses GU Fossil Free proposal as part of divestment campaign

Yesterday, GUSA endorsed GU Fossil Free’s proposal entitled “Divesting Georgetown’s Endowment from Fossil Fuels.” Members of GU Fossil Free attended the Senate’s Sunday meeting to present their proposal, leaving Vox with a seat on the floor and a bruise… Read More

Throwing freshmen a bone, and also educating them on important Georgetown things

Freshmen can now receive extra housing points through the GUSA initiative What’s a Hoya?, which organizes seminars on educational topics for the Georgetown freshman as an extension of New Student Orientation. With housing points as an incentive for attendance, freshmen… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Chicken Madness almost to be GUSA serial note-taker

The GUSA meeting last night opened with the election of the new executive officer. Three candidates stood in front of the room and spoke of their qualifications for five minutes each, exited the room and then waited for… Read More

The much-anticipated referendum and unofficial GUSA Senate election results

The Georgetown student body has spoken loud and clear. The results of the referendum indicate that 93.27 percent of 2966 voters were against the creation of a Satellite Campus. In case if you have been living under a… Read More