GUTS bus collides with cyclist at 35th and Reservoir, but no major injuries

On Monday afternoon, a GUTS bus driver struck a cyclist as he was turning the corner at Reservoir Road. Several sources, including Nick Troiano (COL ’11) and the D.C. Fire and EMS department, reported the accident on Twitter… Read More

Georgetown announces community meeting for final draft of 2010 Campus Plan

Well, it wasn’t the late January or early February date they had hoped for. But the 2010 Campus Plan steering committee has announced the last community meeting it will hold regarding the 2010 Campus Plan before it files… Read More

WMATA explores cuts in bus service to Georgetown

In effort to close its daunting $189 million budget gap in 2011, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is exploring a host of fiscal measures that involve raising fares, cutting rail service, and cutting bus service in 2011,… Read More

GUTS Bus goes green with biodiesel fuel

As part of Georgetown’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2020, the University has begun using bio diesel to fuel the GUTS buses and other university vehicles. In a University press release, Vice President… Read More

CAG President’s letter to DeGioia about the 2010 Campus Plan

If you don’t recall how neighborhood residents of Georgetown reacted when administrators presented the 2010 Campus Plan back in November, let me remind you of the words of Advisory Neighborhood Commission Chair Ron Lewis when he heard that… Read More

Bus routes to Verizon Center on weekend game days looking likely

Ah! Buses! If you’re heading to the Verizon Center on Saturday to watch the Hoyas trounce (we hope) American University, your ‘best’ options for getting there—splitting a cab six ways, taking the GUTS bus to the Dupont Metro… Read More

GUSA Roundup: The Fund gets underway

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB FUNDING: Senator Matthew Hoyt (COL ’12—Alumni Square/Village B) introduced a bill to allocate $300 to the International Relations Club to host a musical group called “White Flag” dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Speaker Adam Talbot… Read More

2010 Campus Plan: Transportation plans would send Dupont GUTS through Canal Road

The proposed loop road and new GUTS routes The last time University officials discussed the transportation aspect of the 2010 Campus Plan back in May, they said they were tentatively planning to send the Dupont GUTS bus through… Read More

The results of GUSA’s summer survey

Survey Says… GUSA has compiled the results of their “Omnibus Student Survey,” the summer survey which polled the student body on everything from GUSA’s structure, student diversity, and GUTS buses, to student safety, academics, and the free newspaper program… Read More

GUTS will be offering weekend service to Rosslyn Safeway

With the Wisconsin Avenue Safeway out of commission, are your shopping needs just not being met by Whole Foods/Safeway Delivery/Trader Joe’s?  GUTS has your back! According to Georgetown’s Director of Media Relations Andy Pino, GUTS will be offering… Read More