GW students organize fundraiser to counter Westboro Baptist Church

Our friends in Foggy Bottom aren’t too happy about the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest next month. While one student group has already organized a counter-protest, GW freshman Daniel Wein and junior Daniel Reade decided to act differently. Wein… Read More

Village A graffiti removed, no charges levied against residents

The graffiti that appeared on the Village A rooftops last week is gone, and with it, all potential community charges. Area Coordinator Cory Peterson, who sent an email to rooftop residents last week about the incident, told students… Read More

Georgetown not the only D.C. school plagued by fires

Fire, the specter that has haunted Georgetown’s campus all year, broke out this weekend at the house of George Washington University sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. In a rare turn of events, however, there actually was a fire this… Read More

2009 Professor payraises low across the country, including at Georgetown

A study by the American Association of University Professors found that colleges and universities across the country gave faculty the lowest pay raises in the 50 years since the study began, and Georgetown University is no exception. At… Read More

GWU students dismay Georgetown residents, too

Residents of East Georgetown typically don’t partake in Georgetown student-bashing or get involved in the major campaigns against University expansion in any form. They’re just too far away from our noise, trash, and general aura to care. But… Read More

GWU accidentally sends acceptance letter to rejected early applicants

If you thought that last week’s snow storm caused problems with Georgetown’s administration, just wait til you hear what happened with George Washington University. Since snow was delaying mail, admissions officials opted to send the official acceptance packets… Read More

GWU president creates council, administration position to expand diversity

Georgetown isn’t the alone among area schools concerned about its levels of diversity. Last Friday, University President Steven Knapp announced two efforts to increase the number of non-Caucasian students at George Washington University: a President’s Council on Diversity… Read More

GWU student seeks GU man she swooned over, pelted at snowball fight on Craigslist

Well, call us Capulet! George Washington University may have earned a resounding victory in yesterday’s snow battle against Georgetown students, but it looks like the real winner of day was … Love. In his recap of the fight… Read More

Georgetown demolished in Wednesday night snowball fight with GWU

Editor’s note: Embedded reporter Eric Pilch took the two videos in this post of Wednesday night’s massacre at Rose Park. The first is of GWU’s hordes advancing on the intrepid band of Hoyas, the second is of some… Read More

Georgetown vs. GWU Snowball fight moved back to 6:00 p.m.

Because the weather is totally awful out right now, Kyle Boyer, the George Washington University student who’s organized the Georgetown vs. George Washington University snowball fight, has wisely postponed the inter-school snowball fight we’re having today to 6:00… Read More