In D.C., students graduate with more debt than in any state

Graduates from colleges in the District of Columbia have the highest level of debt in the nation, according to a report released Tuesday by The Project on Student Debt. Students in the District’s class of 2008 averaged $29,793… Read More

DeGioia 63rd highest paid private university president

Makin’ bank The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released its database of executive compensation at colleges and universities for the 2007-08 school year and Georgetown’s own John DeGioia isn’t doing too poorly for himself. With a total compensation… Read More

GWU has GERMS envy

While our friends in Foggy Bottom may be outdoing us in terms of programming  boards and on-campus comedians, there’s one thing they’re still envious of us about: GERMS. The GW equivalent of GERMS is a “the Emergency Medical… Read More

Georgetown may not be having a fall concert, but we’re welcome at GW’s!

Enough to give you Foggy Bottom envy? It looks like once again, we’ll have to wait until the spring for GPB to scrape together an on-campus concert. While WGTB has already put on their fall show, hosting Titus… Read More

Georgetown now the 7th most expensive school in the country

Georgetown is the seventh most expensive school in the country for the 2009-10 school year, according to a list just compiled by Campus Grotto.  With a total average cost of $51,122 per year, we’re more comparatively economical than… Read More

Sexual assault suspect attempts to enter girls’ beds at GW, gets caught

Last week, George Washington University saw some sexual assaults that were reminiscent of the “Cuddler” incidents that have occurred in Georgetown over the past year and a half.  Unlike Georgetown, though, GW was able to catch the alleged… Read More

Georgetown students murdered… in GW professor’s new novel

Looking for a gripping murder mystery that involves D.C.-area co-eds?  George Washington business professor Charles Toftoy’s recently released novel, “It’s in the Eyes” may be for you! Toftoy worked on the murder mystery thriller for seven years, according… Read More

The Princeton Review likes us well enough (but not as much as GWU or AU)

The Princeton Review just released its annual rankings, and Georgetown got some real nice accolades (registration required): Georgetown was named the eighth best college town, up two from last year’s 10th place showing. We also moved up two… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: UIS is a Gmail tease

Paul Courtney was not pleased with UIS’s decision to give us poor man’s Gmail. Patrick Go has more faith in Google’s ability to protect sensitive info than Georgetown’s (wonder why…).

Georgetown ranks high in graduation rate study, other D.C. schools flounder

The American Enterprise Institute just released a study of graduation rates of four-year colleges, “Diplomas and Dropouts: Which Colleges Actually Graduate Their Students (And Which Don’t).” The results, which are based on the percentage of students who graduate… Read More