H1N1 cases at Georgetown drop after September peak

Students wait in line for the H1N1 vaccine on Friday When we reported on H1N1 cases at Georgetown in late September, the virus had infected about 250 students and the number of cases was rising precipitously every day…. Read More

H1N1 vaccine distributed to GERMS, Student Health Center employees

Last week, Georgetown received 300 doses of the nasal vaccine for H1N1, or swine flu, and distributed them to members of GERMS, Student Health Center employees, and workers in athletic training rooms, according to Assistant Vice President for… Read More

Swine flu infects over 250 Georgetown students

250 of these guys running around campus As of Monday, Georgetown has had around 250 cases of H1N1, or swine flu, according to an e-mail from Dr. James Welsh, Assistant Vice President for Student Health. Last Tuesday, Georgetown’s… Read More

Vox Talks: H1N1

With Swine Flu plaguing Georgetown, Vox decided to talk to students about how they feel about the current infectious disease du jour. Interviews by Jim McGrory, videography and editing by Joe Mancino. Special thanks to the Chimes for… Read More

Georgetown receives $549,302 grant to improve emergency preparedness

Thanks to our grant, everyone at Georgetown will now look like this Next time there’s a calamity on campus, thank the U.S. Department of Education: they just gave Georgetown a $549,302 grant for emergency preparedness initiatives, according to… Read More

H1N1 attacks college campuses, beer pong and sardine-like dorms blamed for spread

Swine Flu: Scourge of college coeds everywhere As you’ve surely noticed from your hacking, sniffly friends and classmates, H1N1 has hit Georgetown.  But we’re not the only ones: a virulent H1N1 strain has spread rapidly through several D.C…. Read More

Georgetown braces for the return of H1N1

Hey, great to see you again! How was your summer, H1N1? The beginning of the school year is always full of logistical challenges for college administrators, but this year they’ve got another potential problem to deal with: swine… Read More