Last Week on Halftime: Run when it’s not the fall, and ranking college football

As the Halftime staff comes back to a chilly campus after some turkey, they keep us warm with some tips on fighting the cold winter blues with exercise and sports insights! Although Vox finds it very hard to have any… Read More

Washington Nationals

This Week in Halftime: Baseball’s back

The baseball season is back, and with it comes lots of posts on Halftime about, well, baseball. Voices editor Steven Criss discusses what it will take for D.C’s Nationals to actually successful this year. With high hopes for the… Read More

Voice launches new online magazine, Halftime (so go check it out)

Just a few months ago, sports editor Chris Almeida decided launching a sports podcast wasn’t enough, so he also began working on a new site for the Voice. Sports assistant editor Chris Castano and leisure assistant editor Daniel Varghese also joined in and helped… Read More