At Georgetown Basketball Game, Jeremy Lin subject to a slur

Jeremy Lin during the Harvard vs. Boston College basketball game For a team that the men’s basketball team doesn’t play all that often and isn’t a big rival, Georgetown was reportedly less-than-welcoming during the game against Harvard last… Read More

President DeGioia holds Harvard’s fate in his hands

DeGioia’s reaction upon hearing of the hot breakfast outrage Beyond the significant commitments of the raising money from donors, guiding the university and coping with rogue freshmen, it seems Georgetown President John DeGioia has yet another obligation on… Read More

Is the Corp really “The Largest Student-Run Corporation in the World”?

Add another 300+ employees and then we’ll have ourselves a real competition…. The Corp likes to boast that it is “The Largest Student-Run Corporation in the World!” It’s a pretty impressive superlative. Unfortunately, it’s one that the Harvard… Read More

Sober kids, even Ivy League ones, can be stupid too

A campus-wide keg ban is, as the Voice has reported, suddenly a real possibility. With that in mind, check out this fine piece of journalism coming out of Harvard, where a similar keg ban went so poorly it… Read More