This Week in the Voice: Hockey skates on into D.C.

In this week’s feature, Kevin Huggard covers the slow but steady growth of hockey in D.C. and even at Georgetown. With its mild winters and mid-Atlantic location, the District lacks a long hockey history that cities like Boston,… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Let’s go Rangers

Vox is a huge hockey fan and today marks the first day of the Stanley Cup Finals between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. To help cope with how important this series is and to… Read More

Florida Panthers v New York Islanders

This Week in Halftime: Hockey playoffs and the war on color in fashion

The start of hockey playoffs has Halftime writing about hockey. Ironically, sports writers Joe Pollicino and Sourabh Bhat wrote about the New York metro area’s two lesser teams, which did not make the playoffs this year (*coughcough GO RANGERS*), the New Jersey… Read More