House of Cards toys with Maryland legislature for tax credits

The Washington Post reported last week that the Maryland House of Delegates decided to allocate at most $18.5 million in film tax credits, up from the current maximum of $7.5 million used to reward production companies that film in… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: A whole lotta House of Cards and a dash of sarcasm

Google search query: “how to gently tell a friend you don’t give a shit about house of cards” — emily (@_shusui) February 25, 2014 Emily, one simply does not tell a friend she doesn’t “give a shit” about… Read More


Celebrate a holiday of shameless consumerism by sticking it to the man

Friday is Valentine’s Day, one of those rare holidays that leaves some in tears of joy and other actually crying. A perhaps unwarranted reaction, considering what Valentine’s Day actually is: consumerism and chocolate. So Vox presents some ways to get… Read More