Georgetown’s housing some of the most expensive in the country

Save these Whether or not it turns out that Georgetown could have prevented Sunday night’s fire in New South, it’ll probably irk at least a few residents to learn that Georgetown just made U.S. News & World Report’s… Read More

2010 Campus Plan proposes housing for grad students

When University officials spoke to neighbors in May and raised the possibility of building a new housing complex on the “1789 Block” (the area between Prospect and N Streets and 36th and 37th Streets), neighbors said they didn’t… Read More

More parents buying houses for their college-age children

It’s never too early to invest in your dream house! If dorm living’s got you down and you’ve heard the horror stories about local landlords, the Washington Times has a new solution for you: go buy a house… Read More

Recap of last night’s Ten Year Plan meeting on housing, enrollment, and off-campus life

GU’s Charles DeSantis On Tuesday night, University officials revealed their tentative plans for the future of enrollment, student housing, and off-campus life at Georgetown to an audience of about forty West Georgetown and Burleith residents. It was the… Read More

Syracuse and Princeton explore mixed gender housing

While Georgetown is currently tackling the issue of gender neutral bathrooms, Syracuse and Princeton are taking it a step further by beginning to offer gender-neutral housing. Both universities decided that next fall, they will allow students to room… Read More

E-mails between CAG and the ANC reveal neighbors’ involvement in creating Magis Row

When Georgetown announced plans to establish Magis Row, the block of 16 townhouses designated for living and learning communities that sit on the only strip of University property facing residential homes, the Voice editorial board and many students… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Homesick for the Hilltop

Malin Hu admitted that Georgetown actually gives her the warm fuzzies. Erica Slates thought GUSA could really use some proofreading lessons.

The 10 Year Campus Plan: Our house, in the middle of our street

The University is formulating its 2010 Campus Plan, which, once it passes ANC and D.C. Zoning Commission muster, will dictate how the University can expand over the next decade. Previous Campus Plans excluded neighborhood input in their planning… Read More

A new Georgetown Housing cycle, a new snafu

The thieving nine! Housing teases again. This time, they accidentally amped up the selection numbers of nine students hoping to live in Georgetown suites and apartments. The students were freshmen in the SNHS, a two-year nursing program, and… Read More

Campus Housing announces inaugration guest policy

With millions expected for Obama’s inauguration and every hotel from here to West Virginia booked, everyone in D.C. has been going sublet-crazy (Yes we can price gouge!). Everyone, that is, except college students. But Georgetown hadn’t defined any… Read More