Unofficial student group Saxa Gray forms to fill void in basketball attendance

The next time you find yourself at a Georgetown basketball game in the Verizon Center, give your hands a break from clapping, pause before you scream “We Are Georgetown” and keep your ears open for a brand new… Read More

“We Are Georgetown” slogan contest officially begins

Fall is in the air, and so is men’s basketball season. In preparation for the Hoyas’s 2011-2012 season, Hoya Blue has officially begun voting for the slogan that will soon emblazon thousands of grey backs in the Verizon… Read More

Hoya Blue releases t-shirt slogan choices, voting open until Saturday

Since we’re within spitting distance of Midnight Madness, it’s time to vote for this year’s “We Are Georgetown” t-shirt slogan. So, what’ll it be? We figure we can already ignore “From Conquest to Conquest Towards the Ultimate Victory,”… Read More

Vote on this year’s basketball t-shirt slogan

Key Criteria: Which slogan will best fit on a poster Hoya Blue’s annual basketball t-shirt slogan contest is here once again, and the final five slogans are as amusing as ever. Here are your top five choice this… Read More

Alonzo Mourning and ESPN coming to Gaston Hall

It’s not rare to catch a glimpse of Gaston Hall on television, but soon enough you’ll be seeing it on an unexpected channel: ESPN. Hoya Blue announced in an email on Tuesday that the Worldwide Leader will be… Read More

Hoya Blue contest update

So, unfortunately there’s no actual money involved in winning Hoya Blue’s t-shirt slogan contest, but at least your season tickets will be free (they’ll set you back $125 otherwise.) Email your catchphrases to

Stop 4 years of increasingly crappy basketball shirt slogans

The slogans on the student section basketball t-shirts have gotten steadily worse since John Thompson III took over as head coach for the 2004-2005 season. “Now they know / here we come,” last year’s slogan, was a far… Read More