Georgetown to convert Hoyamail to Google Apps in August

On August 12, all student and faculty Hoyamail accounts will transition to adopt Google Apps.¬†William R. Anderson, Associate Director of University Information Services, announced this information to the student body on Thursday in an email. Hoyamail is currently… Read More

UIS hoping to form working group on adding Google Apps to Hoyamail

Someday… When it was announced that the new Gmail-run Hoyamail system wouldn’t include any of Google’s bells and whistles like GChat, Google Calendar and Google Docs, UIS Director Beth Ann Bergsmark said that a working group would be… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: UIS is a Gmail tease

Paul Courtney was not pleased with UIS’s decision to give us poor man’s Gmail. Patrick Go has more faith in Google’s ability to protect sensitive info than Georgetown’s (wonder why…).

UIS explains why we’re getting minimalist Gmail

Last week, University Information Services gave us some more details of the upcoming switch to Gmail-backed Hoyamail. Just as you were getting giddy about leaving antiquated GUMail behind forever, though, there was this disconcerting announcement: Hoyamail is only… Read More

UIS: “I have some good news, and I have some bad news…”

So you won’t be getting any email for a few days… but you will be getting Google! After a couple obligatory delays (first we were told “early January,” then “by the end of the school year”), it looks… Read More