Venezuelan students cast votes at Embassy and at home

“When Chavez first won I was nine years old,” Manuel Figueredo (SFS ’13) said. “Now he has another six-year term and I am twenty-two.” Alongside other Georgetown students, Figueredo traveled all the way to Venezuela to cast his… Read More

Hole in one for Caracas low income housing

Hugo Chavez has been making waves in the international political scene, forging diplomatic ties with Iran and Russia, leading anti-American summits and using Venezuela’s oil money to aid Cuba and several other Caribbean countries. In light of his… Read More

Let’s Call a Populist a Populist.

If you’re a U.S. citizen, you should dislike Hugo Chavez, the loudmouthed president of Venezuela. If you’re not, you probably cannot help but admire the audacity and the genius in his tirades against George W. Bush. Chavez, after… Read More

The “sick man” of South America

A day after calling President Bush the devil at the UN General Assembly, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called him an “alcoholic” and a “sick man” at a church in Harlem, according to the Washington Post. He got a… Read More