H*yas for Choice Tabling Update 2.0: Free speech policies to be clarified at later date

At Thursday’s Free Speech and Expression Committee meeting, H*yas for Choice President Laura Narefsky (COL ’14) and Vice President Abby Grace (SFS ’16) had two specific requests for the University. In an email to Vox, Grace listed the… Read More


H*yas for Choice tabling update: Free speech policies remain unclear

Following GUPD’s removal of H*yas for Choice from Healy Circle last Monday morning, Vox contacted University administrators to clarify the University’s existing Speech and Expression Policy. The disparity between President Nate Tisa‘s (SFS ’14) and Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson’s… Read More


H*yas for Choice forced to move table from Healy Circle to outside gates

Members of H*yas for Choice attempted tabling in Healy Circle this morning to test statements that GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson made at Thursday’s forum on free speech, but GUPD officers forced… Read More


Free speech panel faces tough questions from marginalized groups

The GUSA executive and the Georgetown University Speech and Expression Committee held a forum on free speech titled “Free Speech in the Digital Age: Are There Boundaries?” in the Lohrfink Auditorium last night. The panel consisted of GUSA… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Adjunct professors and condoms for all

In this week’s feature, News Editor Lucia He looks into the problems associated with a growing number of adjunct professors and the shrinking number of full-time professors. Kerry Danner-McDonald, an adjunct professor in the Theology department, agrees, and adds… Read More

President DeGioia announces changes in health insurance plans, Georgetown’s insurers will cover contraception

In possibly the most exciting email about health insurance ever, University President John DeGioia announced today that as part of the reforms accompanying the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the insurance providers that service Georgetown University will… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit Activities

For this edition of Prefrosh Preview, we’ll be tackling various vices you might be interested in engaging in during college: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking. As a disclaimer, Vox isn’t advocating underage drinking or the use of illegal… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit activities

Below, we’ve republished Juliana Brint’s August 2009 post about “all the various vices you might be interested in engaging in during college: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking.” And here’s our disclaimer: Vox isn’t endorsing any of these activities…. Read More

Plan A Hoyas to meet with University officials on Tuesday

Members of Plan A Hoyas will meet with University officials on Tuesday to discuss the school’s sexual health policies following their high-profile GAAP weekend protests on Friday and Saturday, WTOP is reporting. Marion Cory (COL ’10), a Plan… Read More

Chained to the statue of Georgetown’s founder, members of Plan A Hoyas continue protests in front of prospective students

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer Updated 8:10 p.m.: After receiving a letter from Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson, the protesters unchained themselves from the statue. Plan A would not release the letter, but said they… Read More