Plan A Hoyas kick off Choice Week with likely the first all pro-choice panel funded by Georgetown

Speakers from organizations like the National Abortion Federation and Choice USA aren’t the kind of guests you’d expect to find at a Georgetown University-sponsored event—especially not if they’re the event’s main voices, and especially not if there isn’t… Read More

Georgetown’s SAC funds pro-choice panel hosted by “Plan A Hoyas”

In a close vote, members of Georgetown’s Student Activities Commission approved funding for what may be an unprecedented of event at Georgetown University, if it takes place—a University-funded panel of three speakers, all pro-choice, holding a discussion of… Read More

Catholic student groups respond to H*yas for Choice and United Feminists

H*yas for Choice and United Feminists’ announcement that they were undertaking a joint campaign to pressure Georgetown into changing its reproductive rights policies has upset or confounded a number of students. Now, members of several Catholic groups on… Read More

United Fems and H*yas for Choice form concerted campaign for reproductive rights at Georgetown

H*yas for Choice and United Feminists have partnered up in a new campaign that’s demanding substantial change in Georgetown’s reproductive rights policies. The latter being a University-recognized group, the new movement has the potential to endanger UF’s funding… Read More

H*yas for Choice on the lookout for condom thief

From the H*yas for Choice weekly email: The Case of the Missing Condoms Our stock of condoms went missing from the tabling box sometime between Thursday the 11th and Monday the 15th. We hope that one of our… Read More