GU Improv lets loose with first show of the year

There is no more outrageous group of people on campus than the Georgetown Improv Association. The comedy troupe hosted its first show on Saturday night and, if anything, it was certainly ridiculous and memorable if not 100 percent… Read More


Get your panties in a bunch with the No Pants Subway Ride

Style-wise, the District is decidedly not the most exciting. Washington business attire is a far cry from New York’s eclectic (with a dash of hipster) style. This Sunday Improv Everywhere offers District residents a chance to let down… Read More

Georgetown Improv Association hosts Improvfest: They’re just one hot mess

This weekend, Georgetown Improv Association will be hosting its annual Improvfest. The festival will feature sets from visiting groups such as Ohio State University’s 8th Floor Improv, the University of Maryland’s The Bureau, University of Florida’s Theater Strike… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Ground Control to Major Tom

Friday “You lack the season of all natures, sleep.” If you’re as enamored by Shakespeare’s prescience as Vox, hop over to Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society’s presentation of Macbeth Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8 p.m. in Gonda Theatre. Calling all astronauts!… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Time for the cherry blossoms

Friday If the Hunger Games sounds a little too risque for your tastes, the Environmental Film Festival‘s final weekend may be a better source of entertainment. At 7 p.m., the National Zoo has a screening of Life Size Memories,… Read More

Georgetown Day schedule release: What’re the highlights?

As anyone who hasn’t spent the last month in the lower level of Lau knows, tomorrow is Georgetown Day, the day when the entire University comes together to throw the biggest party of the year on the Hilltop…. Read More

Georgetown Players to split next year

The Georgetown Players, a club founding in the spring of 1995 “by a handful of visionaries, or, alternately, insurrectionists, who believed that there was something missing from the Georgetown arts scene,” are splitting next year. Splitting into two groups,… Read More