Philly P takes its battle with the ANC to Facebook

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past few days and you’re friends with anyone at Georgetown, you’ve probably noticed the rapidly growing “KEEP PHILLY PIZZA FROM GETTING SHUT DOWN” group pop up in your newsfeed. The group,… Read More

The undergrad-in-search-of-Personal-Assistant trend is really taking off

Won’t you lend a hand to your better-off but over-stressed fellow Hoyas? When Vox put up a post about a Georgetown sophomore’s quest to find a Personal Assistant last Friday, we unwittingly released quite a firestorm—123 comments and… Read More

Georgetown sophomore seeks personal assistant, takes premature self-importance to whole new level

Being a Personal Assistant: If it’s good enough for Anne Hathaway, it’s good enough for you! Depressing job market got you down?  Never fear, your fellow Hoya is here to help! In what is easily the most absurd… Read More

How does Georgetown’s Twitter usage compare to other universities?

Twitter gets its academics on While anyone who has interacted with UIS knows technology isn’t exactly Georgetown’s strong suit, the University has been exploring this newfangled social media thing, even setting up its own Twitter account. But how… Read More

Lauinger finally gets a makeover

Lauinger Library finally got a spruce-up.  Unfortunately we’re not talking about the physical space—we’re talking about their web presence. Today, the library revealed its newly redesigned website, and it looks pretty snazzy. With a nice blue and gray… Read More

Want to know the inner workings of the Corp? Boy have we got the blog for you!

While we were busy covering start-ups like the Hoya Insider and the Georgetown University Examiner, we missed some great blogging action that’s been going on from a major Georgetown institution: the Corp. You won’t find it under the… Read More

FINIS Magazine: Teaching you to cope with privilege, undermine the opposite sex

I’m almost at a loss for words for how to describe FINIS Magazine, the latest journalistic endeavor to emerge from Georgetown undergrads this summer (move over, Hoya Insider!). So, I’ll just let  FINIS founder Carlisle Alessandra Williams (COL… Read More

What’s up with the Hoya‘s website? in happier times… For the past couple weeks we’ve been wondering what’s going on with the Hoya‘s website. has been displaying a variety of things—a standard issue “down for maintenance” message, ads for a web-hosting service… Read More

Hoya Insider: The new Georgetown blog with a penchant for over-zealous flyering

Anyone walking through campus yesterday probably noticed the ubiquitous flyers for something called the “Hoya Insider.” They were pretty sparse, with just a url (, a tagline (“An inside look into Georgetown University”), an entreaty that you “check… Read More

Georgetown grad students caught in Tehran, blog about the protests

McMahan and Iraheta in Iran Two Georgetown grad students, Justin McMahan and Andrea Iraheta, have been traveling through the Middle East and keeping a blog, Dispatches from the Region, about their journey. Things were going well, and “Dispatches… Read More