Georgetown’s own Mark Zuckerberg?

Time to bust out your “Peers Who Are Already More Successful Than I Ever Will Be” list and add the name Catherine Cook (MSB ’11). She hasn’t even started her sophomore year yet, but Forbes is writing about… Read More

FARCEFARCEFARCE: a dramatic interpretation

Tuesday I wrote about a delicious set of Facebook messages between two GW students that discussed, among other things, who they were leading on . My source, The Colonialist, took down the messages. I can understand that–they have… Read More

“Dominating the shit out of this farce”: the secret lives of GW students

A foolish (and, as we’ll learn, salacious) GW student forgot to sign out of Facebook on a public computer and had her messages with a friend forwarded around. The result is the most delicious glimpse into a college… Read More

Facebook redesign launching anytime now

Mark Zuckerberg, the socially-stunted Facebook king, has been nursing a massive site redesign for 6 months. Depending on who you read, it’s gone live now or will in a matter of hours or days. You’re supposed to be… Read More

3 Firefox extensions for college students

If you’re like more than 50 percent of our readers, you’re visiting this blog using Firefox. Good for you! For those of you who are still using Safari or Internet Explorer, there’s never been a better time to… Read More

Get TimesSelect free with your Georgetown email account

Misguided efforts at The New York Times to eke pennies out of an ancient internet revenue model have long restricted access to the adorable Paul Krugman (pictured). Krugman, along with the rest of the Times’s columnists and much… Read More

The best time-waster ever

The section of Google’s web page called Google Labs is a little bit like Disney World. It’s where you can try out all of Google’s cool new Google things while they’re still working on them. And none is… Read More

Follow the leader

Is The Hoya‘s editorial board even trying anymore? In yesterday’s top editorial spot, they called for the University to improve technological services, with one of their two main arguments being that we need wireless all over campus. Sound… Read More

Famous people do it too

If you’re one of the five people (my editors included) who read Saxa Politica last week, you’ll know that I was ridiculously excited about Margaret Atwood’s visit to campus today. Not only did her talk not disappoint, but… Read More

My open letter to Facebook

To: From: Mike Stewart Subject: DisgraceBook To Whom It May Concern: I’m sure you have received many e-mails this morning. I’m also sure you were prepared for that—people naturally resist change, after all, and even during the… Read More