This week in the Voice: A priest’s fight for LGBT equality

In this week’s Feature, Sean Quigley profiles Fr. Joseph Palacios, a Georgetown professor who recently co-founded Catholics for Equality. “Georgetown has made a very concerted effort to serve their students … but it’s clear that you can’t treat… Read More

This week in the Voice: Sexual assault at Georgetown

In Features, Molly Redden shares the experiences of Georgetown’s sexual assault survivors, including her own. We don’t ask much, but take some time today to read their stories. “I wanted to speak to women who could shed light… Read More

This week in the Voice: The road to the ANC

In Features, Kara Brandeisky looks into the history of student representation on Georgetown’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission. Did you know that more than 1,000 students voted in the 1996 election, placing two students on the ANC? Well, that’s just… Read More

This week in the Voice: Georgetown’s football woes

In Features, Tim Shine digs into Georgetown football. Why does the team regularly finish in the bottom of the Patriot League standings? Because Georgetown spends no money on the program, creating “a disadvantage in attracting recruits and improving… Read More

This week in the Voice: The best of Georgetown

After a marathon production night, the first Fall issue of the Voice hit stands this earlier today. In Features, a whole bunch of staff members ran down the best of Georgetown. Curious to know where you should barricade… Read More

This Week’s Voice: Georgetown’s Emergency Response Plan

In Features, Will Sommer investigates how the University responded the security risk created after an anonymous person threatened “to commit ‘mass murder’ inside the Bunn Intercultural Center threat in late 2007.” At the time, the chain of command… Read More

This Week’s Issue: The ABCs of 826

In Features, Eric Pilch checks out 826DC, “the latest in a series of non-profit writing centers that provide free tutoring, self-publishing, and workshops to elementary through high school students,” which author Dave Eggers spearheaded shortly after writing A… Read More

This Week’s Issue: Turn my camera on

This week, the Georgetown Voice showcased the winners of its annual student photo contest in its Feature. In the words of the great Chad Kroeger, and I’m paraphrasing a little bit here, look at these photographs. Maybe Georgetown… Read More

This Week’s Issue: Notorious J.O.D.

This week in Features, Brendan Baumgardner profiles Provost James O’Donnell. And while this cover will tell you all about what a provost is, it’s more fun for the host of delightful fun facts you’ll learn about Jim O’Donnell…. Read More

This week’s issue: They say it’s Spring

Just in time for the weather, it’s the Voice‘s annual Spring fashion issue! Download the issue PDF to see the best looks out there this season. The Voice Ed Board celebrates the passage of health care reform. In… Read More