This Week’s Issue: The Wright stuff

In this week’s Feature, Tim Shine looks at how the Hoyas found their rhythm at the Big East conference last week. “If anything, Georgetown’s experience in the Big East tournament was a rebirth. After ending the regular season… Read More

This Week’s Issue: The recession means business

In Features, Shira Hecht takes a look at how the recession has affected Georgetown-area businesses. “Many businesses, already on the edge, have been pushed over by the recession,” she writes. “The storefronts of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street… Read More

This Week’s Issue: Innocent but incarcerated

This week in Features, Daniel Newman profiles the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project and the work they do in D.C. to free wrongfully imprisoned inmates. Unfortunately, Newman writes, MAIP has a harder time advocating for felons from D.C. than those… Read More

This Week’s Issue: Above the Influence

Cole Stangler reveals the wide gulf that separates Georgetown University and George Washington University’s policy about student drug violations in Features. “Unlike at Georgetown, drug-related suspensions are not out of the ordinary at GWU,” he writes. “The difference… Read More

This Week’s Issue: Prime Chimes

We know you think you should spend this fourth day off doing work. OK—but at least procrastinate with the Voice a little bit. In Features, Tim Shine profiles the Chimes, the oldest a cappella group at Georgetown.”What’s striking… Read More

This week’s issue: Being LGBTQ at Georgetown

In this week’s Feature story, Chris Heller takes a look at the growing LGBTQ community at Georgetown, where more students are out now than ever before. Heller looks at the effects—both positive and divisive—that groups like GU Pride… Read More

This Week’s Issue: School’s in session in Anacostia

For this week’s Feature, the Voice‘s Will Sommer profiles Thurgood Marshall Academy, one of the top-performing charter schools in D.C. The school got its unlikely start when ten Georgetown University Law Center students took a look at public… Read More

This Week’s Issue: Making strides in McDonough

Forget their recent bad press—this year, Georgetown’s women’s basketball team is playing better than they have been in a long time. In Features, Tom Bosco examines the dynamics that have contributed to that success, which until now has… Read More

Issue Rundown: The Voice‘s choices for 2009

Coming just in time to wreak havoc on your finals study schedule, this week’s Feature lists the Voice‘s top ten favorite movies and albums of 2009. Dan Newman praised Inglourious Basterds as the best movie to hit theaters all… Read More

Isssue Rundown: 2010 Campus Plan, the ultimate town-gown instigator

In this week’s Feature, Molly Redden takes a holistic look how the 2010 Campus Plan will help Georgetown grow—and why the neighbors are against it. The plan contains provisions for a new student center in New South, an… Read More