Evans and Altemus respond negatively to proposed Campus Plan

Unsurprising to anyone who has followed Georgetown University’s 2010 Campus Plan—which the University officially filed last week—the Citizens Association of Georgetown and D.C. Councilman Jack Evans have come out against the proposal. In a press release, Evans said he was “disappointed to learn that the University’s proposed campus plan does not include any significant action to […]

Jack Evans chimes in on 2010 campus plan at BCA meeting

Thursday night’s Burleith Citizens Association meeting featured an appearance by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who answered residents’ concerns about Georgetown’s 2010 campus plan. While standing between two of the BCA’s ubiquitous “Our Homes, Not GU’s Dorm” lawn signs, Evans voiced his support for Burleith residents. However, he also told the crowd that he has […]

ANC Wrap-up: Police fantasies, sucking up to Harvard, and left-turn lanes

Monday’s Advisory Neighborhood Committee meeting was short on entertainment, but awfully long on just about everything else. Topics included how to ease the traffic jams at the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, a monthly public safety report, some complaints about the Alcohol Beverage Control Board’s moratorium, and a University’s ten-year plan—but sadly, it […]

Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans will run for City Council Chair

With current City Council Chairman Vincent Gray having confirmed that he will challenge Adrian Fenty for mayor in 2010, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans (D), who represents over a dozen nearby neighborhoods along with Georgetown, where he resides, has said that he will run against At-Large Councilmember Kwame Brown (D) to fill the chairmanship that […]

ANC Wrap-up: When Marion Barry does crazy things

This month’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting lacked the kind of heated debate that can often break out on the second floor of the Georgetown Visitation School, but it did feature an appearance from Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans that spiced things up a little. Evans’ appearance gave the crowd on hand an opportunity to ask […]

Duke Ellington School of the Arts may be moved out of Ward 2

Having already replaced the principal of Hardy Middle School in a much-criticized attempt to make the school more appealing to local families, D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is eyeing the Duke Ellington School of the Arts—that’s the one on 35th Street with the big green chair—for possible conversion from an illustrious performing arts-centric high school […]

Georgetown’s councilman gets his own bobblehead

D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), whose ward includes Georgetown, had Jack Evans bobbleheads made for some reason using campaign money. WTOP’s Mark Segraves reports that Evans spent $2,000 of his campaign money on 100 bobbleheads. Segraves notes that Little Jack has more hair and fewer wrinkles than his living counterpart. Since the bobbleheads were […]

Burleith Citizens’ Association talks 61-Ds, GU policy, landlords and more

Last Thursday, the Burleith Citizens’ Association held its annual meeting.  Yes, annual. “One per year? I love it!” exclaimed guest of honor Mayor Adrian Fenty (D). “That’s unprecedented, at least in D.C.” With only one meeting per year, the agenda was pretty packed, with Burleithers (Burleithians?) discussing everything from 61-D citations to the University’s ten-year […]

Local leaders pushing for new Georgetown-Rosslyn Circulator route

Bye bye blue bus? It’s been a banner month for the Circulator: after the Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Georgetown-Union Station loop was saved from elimination in in the 11th hour by Mayor Adrian Fenty, plans are in the works to create a new line connecting Georgetown with Rosslyn. According to the Washington Examiner, local […]

ANC Wrapup: The meeting where Jack shit happened

This week’s ANC meeting was low on excitement and high on references to the “historic nature” of the Georgetown neighborhood. Ward 2′s DC Councilmember Jack Evans was scheduled to make an appearance at the meeting, but was forced to cancel due to an “unavoidable conflict.” ANC members speculated the Evans could be at tonight’s Capitols […]

Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Hydrant woes and apples to Apple Stores

In the first of what will be regular ANC 2E wrapups, we’re proud to bring you the events of last night’s ANC meeting. (But between Issue Rundowns, GUSA Roundups, and ANC Wrapups, it grieves me to report that we’re running out of summary nouns.) Last night’s local government rumble had a considerable many high points:  […]