ANC Wrapup: If there aren’t any more questions…

In Jake Sticka‘s (SFS ’13) last week as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, the ANC held its monthly meeting on the Georgetown University campus in “recognition” of the school, as announced at the last meeting. In the meeting, the Commission planned to discuss the campus plan with students on campus but instead focused on pressing issues […]

Campus Plan: What rocks and what sucks

As promised yesterday in a press conference, ANC 2E finally released the full details of the provisions in the Campus Plan. University officials and neighborhood leaders have ruminated over these “proposed conditions” since negotiations restarted in early April. Both parties responded with an extremely satisfied view on the result. ”I am confident that this agreement represents the interests […]

Phil Mendelson urges Zoning Commission to oppose the Campus Plan

Friday, At large Council-member Phil Mendelson (yes the same one who says the current redistricting plan is discriminatory) filed a letter to the Zoning Commission opposing the 2010 campus plan. He further writes that he is in agreement with ANC2E and the Office of Planning in that Georgetown should house 100% of students on campus. […]

Redistricting update: Where’s a Bastille when you need one?

Last Thursday, the working group for the redistricting of ANC2E voted to not reconsider their recommendation, which has been accused of gerrymandering students into illegally large districts.  The vote for reconsideration followed the same lines as the original vote for the co-chair’s proposal, with all 5 students on the working group along with ANC Commissioner […]

2010 Campus Plan update: Special ANC meeting on Thursday

Thursday evening will be the first test that the recently filed Georgetown University 2010 Campus Plan will need to go through before it goes to the D.C. Zoning Commission in April. The special Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting—which will be held at nearby Duke Ellington School—begins at 6:30 p.m. and will likely include speakers from the […]

Jake Sticka, who may be your next ANC Commissioner, faces an uphill battle

Georgetown University’s student Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is a tough gig. Our commissioner doesn’t have many—or any—allies on the issues that matter most to students. If our commissioner is voting in our interest, he or she is probably voting alone. Even when student commissioners simply speak to their colleagues about the student perspective, we’re pretty sure […]