SFS shakeup: Kaneda replaced Reardon-Anderson as head of undergrad program

This morning, a commenter republished an email about changes within the School of Foreign Service administration. We decided to put on our journalism pants and investigate the claims. According to the email, which was sent to SFS faculty and staff by Dean Carol Lancaster, Associate Dean Mitch Kaneda replaced Senior Associate Dean James Reardon-Anderson on […]

JTIII still Georgetown’s highest-paid employee, but DeGioia closes the gap

Earlier this week, the Washington Examiner‘s Emily Babay reported that Georgetown paid President John DeGioia $911,613 in 2008. DeGioia’s salary, which included a $150,000 retirement annuity and an allocation for University-provided housing, marks a 40 percent increase over the previous year when he received $642,582. Babay’s story got us thinking—how much do other University employees […]

SFSers protest new Map of the Modern World changes

Bring back the old Map! As we reported yesterday, the School of Foreign Service institution, Map of the Modern World, is undergoing major changes this year.  Turns out SFSers aren’t taking too kindly to the alterations. They’ve started a Facebook group in protest, “Take Back Map of the Modern World.”  The group currently has 392 […]

SFS revamps Map of the Modern World curriculum, Hrebenak out as teacher

All you will need to know to pass the new Map of the Modern World course Map of the Modern World, the School of Foreign Service rite of passage, is undergoing significant curricular changes and getting a new instructor this year, as The Hoya first reported yesterday.  Instead of the surly and demanding Professor Keith […]

SFS-Qatar Dean coming back to main campus

SFS-Qatar Dean James Reardon-Anderson will be stepping down at the end of this school year, according to a (slightly melodramatic) email recently sent out to students there. Some of you I have gotten to know inside and outside of class. Some of you I have observed only at a distance. But all of you have […]