Comments of the Week: Godwin’s Law, Vox edition

Last week, Vox looked on in terror as William Blatty‘s (COL ’50) petition against Georgetown’s Catholic identity made it all the way to Pope Francis, looked on as the McCourt School of Public Policy was officially celebrated with formal ceremonies, and sat down for an interview with the friendly neighborhood Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88), former president of the Citizens Association […]

On the Record: Jennifer Altemus, president emerita of unhappy neighbors

Vox sat down with Georgetown alumna Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88) on Tuesday to talk about the University’s relationship with our neighbors. After graduating 25 years ago, Altemus stayed around to eventually become the president of the Citizens Association of Georgetown. Allied with neighbors struggling with existential crises who tell us to “STFU“, who believe that dorms can […]

Breaking: the neighbors oppose the Campus Pla… oh wait, nevermind

In a recent joint press release by the Burleith Citizens Association and the Citizens Association of Georgetown, respective presidents Lenore Rubino and Jennifer Altemus remind whomever is listening that they do not like students in their neighborhoods. It’s nice that some things never change. In the letter, Rubino and Altemus cite that the “proposed mitigations for the […]

Campus Plan Update: ANC Special Meeting

Last night, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission held a special meeting to discuss the 2010 Campus Plan. Ed Solomon chaired the meeting because ANC Chairman Ron Lewis was home sick. The first, and longest, topic of the night was student housing. Solomon started the discussion off with some background on the issue: the rise in students […]

Evans and Altemus respond negatively to proposed Campus Plan

Unsurprising to anyone who has followed Georgetown University’s 2010 Campus Plan—which the University officially filed last week—the Citizens Association of Georgetown and D.C. Councilman Jack Evans have come out against the proposal. In a press release, Evans said he was “disappointed to learn that the University’s proposed campus plan does not include any significant action to […]

The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Alumni edition

After the alcohol policy’s resounding victory, we’re moving onto a new category: Georgetown alumni. Whose diploma do you wish Georgetown would take back and tear to shreds? We’ll keep the polls open for your votes until next week, when we’ll tackle a new category. Ultimately, you’ll choose the worst move ever made by Georgetown. Jennifer […]

A response to a response: The 2010 Campus Plan fight continues

In response to Georgetown University’s “misleading” point-by-point letter, the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown (CAG) published a letter of its own, titled “Setting the Record Straight.” In the letter, CAG accuses the University of violating D.C. zoning laws by “[tolerating] poor, substandard housing conditions, trash and rats, and disorderly behavior by its students living off campus […]

A wrap-up of the CAG meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 1

On Monday night, the Citizens Association of Georgetown held its first public meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan since the final draft of the plan came out last Fall. And even though a lot of what was said has been said before—why neighbors dislike the 2010 Campus Plan, why students make awful neighbors, etc., etc.—this […]

Jennifer Altemus bashes virulent Vox comments in the Current

I hope you’re happy, students of Georgetown. Because remember that string of posts we ran a while back, about how the Citizens Association of Georgetown, led by President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88), was raising funds to defeat portions of the 2010 Campus Plan? And how neighborhood blogger Carol Joynt thought Georgetown was too good for […]

Vox‘s NCAA bracket pool, ft. Chuck Hagel, Jenny Sanford, and Mike Birbiglia

For this year’s March Madness, Vox has assembled the most eclectic group of tournament brackets Georgetown’s ever seen. Famous and “famous” Hoyas alike opted to fill out a bracket for our pool—and while characters like President John DeGioia, Provost Jim O’Donnell, and Professor Madeleine Albright declined to participate, don’t follow basketball very closely, and didn’t […]

Georgetown University’s Hospital could expand under the 2010 Campus Plan

A while back, a Vox Populi post saw a rash of upset comments about the Georgetown University Hospital’s role in the 2010 Campus Plan. Specifically, a Vox reader noticed that in the open letter Citizens’ Association of Georgetown President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88) had sent to University President John DeGioia outlining the community’s concerns about […]