Georgetown Jesuits’ Plan for a “Distinctive Education”

It might be tough to consider the abstract merits of Georgetown’s curriculum this week—you’ve got papers to write and tests to take, after all. But, that’s not stopping some Jesuits who recently released (…hold on, Vox is taking a deep breath…) A Distinctive Education: Reflections by Georgetown Jesuits on Education at Georgetown. If the title […]

Catholic student groups respond to H*yas for Choice and United Feminists

H*yas for Choice and United Feminists’ announcement that they were undertaking a joint campaign to pressure Georgetown into changing its reproductive rights policies has upset or confounded a number of students. Now, members of several Catholic groups on campus have responded with a letter to President John DeGioia in support of the University’s current policies, […]

Georgetown professor Father John Witek, 76, passed away Sunday morning

February 2, 8:53 p.m.: Reverend John Langan, the Rector of the Georgetown Jesuit community, has sent out an e-mail explaining that Witek passed away at 76 years old after struggling with cancer for several years. “The funeral Mass for Fr. Witek will be held in Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart on Saturday, February 6, […]

Best of Vatican Assassins’ Georgetown conspiracy theories from 2009

It all adds up! Who knew that Georgetown’s administrators, professors, and graduates had so much power and influence? Vox has been following VaticanAssassins.Org, a Jesuit conspiracy theory website, with great amusement for a while now. The website’s editor, Eric John Phelps, is a noted “black pope” conspiracy theorist who holds that a cabal of diabolical […]

Father King remembered at 11:15 Mass; funeral to be held Saturday

About 50 students, alumni and other members of the Georgetown community attended Tuesday evening’s impromptu 11:15 p.m. Mass in honor of Father Thomas King. Father King, who passed away earlier that evening, was renown on campus for hosting late night Mass everyday during the school year. Addressing the crowd, the Priest conducting Mass in Dahlgren […]

RIP Father Thomas King, 1929-2009

This evening, Father Thomas King, S.J. passed away at 80. According to Voice photographer Helen Burton (COL `11), he is rumored to have died of a heart attack. Representatives from the Office of Communications could not be reached at the time of this post. Fitz Lufkin (COL `11), the vice president of College Democrats, confirmed […]

Phew! Georgetown not the only black sheep in the herd

Georgetown’s Sex Positive Week garnered a lot of attention, some of that being Catholic ire. Coupled with the vandalism of the statue of the Virgin Mary, Sex Positive Week led the Catholic blogosphere (oh, it exists) to blast Georgetown for its abandonment of Catholic values. But wait! As a Jesuit University, we’re not alone in […]

Photo of the Week: Bump, set, genuflect!

Georgetown Jesuits graphed on a downswing

It’s Jesuit Heritage Week, which means it’s time to analyze Georgetown’s Jesuits steadily declining numbers! News will have updated numbers later this week, but the numbers above, which Fr. John Langan provided last year, reveal that as of 2008, Georgetown housed 55 Jesuits, as opposed to 85 in in 1986 and about 100 in 1966. […]