Here’s to a future of more negotiations: Georgetown Community Partnership

Two years and a few months later, Georgetown and neighborhood leaders concluded the long drawn out battle over the Campus Plan 2010. After yesterday’s announcement that the negotiating parties had reached an agreement, President John J. DeGioia, Mayor Vincent… Read More

President DeGioia defends decision to host Sebelius at Georgetown

In a statement dated May 14, 2012, President John J. DeGioia sent a message to the Georgetown community regarding the recent attacks from Catholic groups across the nation on Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius‘s scheduled lecture at… Read More

President DeGioia responds to contraceptive petition, holds status quo

In response to the recent petitions on contraceptive coverage on campus, President John J. DeGioia sent an email to the Georgetown community this morning. He stated that after careful consideration, the university opted to retain their current health… Read More

Law students deliver petition to University, escalating demands for contraceptive coverage

Over 700 students signed a petition to the University last Thursday calling for contraceptive coverage in the student health plans for the coming academic year. The letter was jointly signed by law student Sandra Fluke and Georgetown’s Law… Read More

DeGioia presents award to Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush for contributions to US-Afghan Women’s Council

“There is an Afghan proverb: A good year is determined by its spring. I think that is a worthy proverb to keep in mind, and indeed it is a call to action for us to be sure that… Read More

DeGioia responds to attacks against Sandra Fluke

Friday March 2, Georgetown University President John DeGioia sent an email to the Georgetown community commending law student Sandra Fluke for her civil discourse about birth control and criticizing the media for the personal attacks against her. A few weeks… Read More

Happy Presidents’ Day from Vox!

While GUSA and the Republican Party are hard at work grooming our next presidents, we’re taking this Presidents’ Day off to appreciate the accomplishments of the University’s very own fearless leader. Presidents’ Day shouldn’t be about just George… Read More

Comments of the Week: Winter is coming

A laptop was reported stolen from a New South dorm room last Thursday. PSA questions the brainpower of the laptop’s hapless owner: As much as I’d like to think that GU students are reasonably intelligent, it sure seems… Read More

Full transcript of campus media interview with President DeGioia

Last week, reporters from the Voice and the Hoya participated in University President John J. DeGioia‘s semesterly interview session with campus media organizations. While we’ve highlighted several of the important takeaways from the interview on both Vox and… Read More

Town hall sheds some light on the ongoing search for a new provost

In August, approaching the end of a ten-year term in office, Provost James O’Donnell announced his decision to step down from the position at the end of this semester. Last night, the University’s provost search committee convened a town hall… Read More