Georgetowner editor gets in on the neighborhood blogging game

For a long time, the Georgetown neighborhood blogging scene has been confined to us and Georgetown Metropolitan, but it looks like we’ve got new company: The Georgetowner‘s Editor at Large Dave Roffman has recently begun blogging at Georgetown… Read More

The Sexist ranks the The Hoya‘s sex column D.C.’s least progressive

WWCD: What Would Carrie Do? When I wrote about Georgetown’s sex and relationships columns in the paper a few weeks ago, I wasn’t too impressed by The Hoya‘s current sex scribe, Colleen Leahey (COL ’11).  Apparently I’m in… Read More

Two offers on the table for free newspaper program

Promising news for print journalism fans: although the Collegiate Readership Program, which provided free newspapers on campus, was suspended this year due to lack of funding, there are two replacement offers on the table. Members of GUSA, the… Read More

Howdy, neighbor: The Georgetowner‘s local VIP cheat sheet

Click image to enlarge, or download the PDF There are elegant townhouses aplenty in Georgetown, but have you ever wondered who exactly our influential neighbors residing in the multimillion dollar abodes are? Lucky for you, this week’s issue… Read More

Vox‘s guide to outside coverage of the recent sexual assaults

With so many sexual assaults occurring in the Georgetown neighborhood in the last year and a half—including two in one week at the beginning of the school year—the University is not the only one finally acknowledging the serious… Read More

On the record with John DeGioia: The extended edition

In today’s issue of the Voice, you’ll find excerpts from our Tuesday interview with University President John DeGioia. Due to space constraints, we couldn’t fit the entirety of our 40-minute conversation in the paper, but we’re happy to… Read More

Do you have a question for President DeGioia?

At the beginning of each school year, reporters from Georgetown’s student newspapers get one chance to grill University President Jack DeGioia. Since DeGioia isn’t generally the most available guy on campus, this annual interview is pretty much the… Read More

Confused by the Media Board’s Hoya Independence decision? Check out these memos!

In case our coverage of the Hoya‘s delayed independence (not to mention their news story, editorial and letter from the editor) left you confused about the Media Board’s logic, Vox has some of the memos that show the… Read More

BREAKING: Hoya independence delayed due to April Fools’ Issue

Although earlier this year it was looking like the Hoya was set to realize its long-standing goal of independence from the University, one of the sanctions imposed on them over their controversial April Fools’ Issue is a one… Read More

Faux-tipster raises questions about Jack DeGioia’s proclivities

Like any other campus media outlet, we receive a fair number of tips, but for the most part they’re just requests to promote a club’s event or solicitations from outside companies trying to get us to shill their… Read More