FINIS Magazine: Teaching you to cope with privilege, undermine the opposite sex

I’m almost at a loss for words for how to describe FINIS Magazine, the latest journalistic endeavor to emerge from Georgetown undergrads this summer (move over, Hoya Insider!). So, I’ll just let  FINIS founder Carlisle Alessandra Williams (COL… Read More

Puttin’ on the Ritz: The Independent is going glossy

Does this mean it’ll have staples? Newsprint dying? Devil may care! At the beginning of the upcoming school year the Georgetown Independent, Georgetown’s good ol’ monthly newsmag, will be making a serious aesthetic upgrade, going from newsprint to… Read More

On the Record with Julia Allison, certified internet celebrity and the original Hoya sex columnist

Julia Allison in Tombs It’s a bit of a challenge to describe dating columnist and alumna Julia Allison (COL `04) to anyone who isn’t already familiar with her micro-celebrity—perhaps because no two followers’ characterization of her are alike. … Read More

2009 Bunn Award winners

This afternoon, your favorite student journalists got dressed up for the Bunn Awards, the annual ceremony in which the University picks the best articles published in campus newspapers over the past year. I’m pleased to report that the… Read More

AU’s student ANC seat vacant, but there’s plenty of mustard gas!

These watchdogs of democracy are busy reporting important national news American University’s The Eagle doesn’t have a reputation for being umm… any good at all. Wrote City Paper back in August: One [AU] writing professor joked that his… Read More

Georgetown Law: Give me your poor, your tired, your plagiarists

Kaavya Viswanathan Why didn’t anybody tell me? Kaavya Viswanathan, the Harvard grad whose debut novel, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life, allegedly plagiarized several passages from two books by Megan McCafferty now attends… Read More

One of these things is exactly like the other: Hoya misprint in Friday edition

Congratulations, Hoya, it’s a beautiful pair of IRC editorials! PDFs can be tricky, The Hoya found out today (or maybe it was the printer’s fault). In its print edition, page 2 appears exactly as it did in its… Read More

WaPo profiles Georgetown student in danger of deportation

On Sunday, the Washington Post published a riveting and sobering freelance piece by Phuong Ly about Jaun Gomez, an extremely bright 19-year-old finance major who may face deportation to Colombia—where he hasn’t lived since age 2—before he can… Read More

Washingtonian follows the party around the District

Meanwhile, at the Washingtonian In its February issue, the Washingtonian has an article that chronicles the party scenes of five area colleges. It can be trite (the writers have either long since graduated or are trying hard to… Read More

Wikipedia reveals sinister roots of Georgetown’s kitten-killing

When a Burleith listserv user accused Georgetown of killing kittens, Vox and University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille wondered where in the world she got that idea. Well, We Love DC may have found the answer. We Love DC’s… Read More