Just the Tip: Group dates and milkshakes

Hi Emlyn, I have a crush on this guy, but he has a girlfriend … I don’t want to like him, but he’s always nice to me, super flirty, and asking to hang out. Is he teasing? What… Read More

Just the Tip: Spring break, missing the mojitos already

Dear Emlyn, So, like many of my friends at other colleges, I planned a spring break trip to Panama City Beach so I could get drunk on the beach for a week with my friends. But everyone at… Read More

Just the Tip: There’s something about Fabio

Hey Emlyn, So I met this really cute guy at a party, and I got his number. Now, he’s not anything special—I just want to hook up with him cuz he’s hot. But I also don’t want to… Read More

Just the Tip: Everybody come to my art show… I’m serious

Dear Emlyn, I came to Georgetown partially because its emphasis on liberal arts and Jesuit values appealed to me. You might say that my chosen major in the College is the peak of unemployability. Think “barista for life”… Read More

Just the Tip: More than the gentle assurances of Uncle Jesse

Dear Emlyn, Recently many of my friends’ relatives have been passing away unexpectedly. What’s the protocol when something like this happens? How close to you have to be to mention it or talk to them about it? I’ve… Read More

Just the Tip: Inexclusive casual sex? Keep it sleazy, Georgetown

Hey E, I’ve been trying to work this whole free love angle at Georgetown since I got here, but nobody seems to be down for casual inexclusive sex or just being friends with benefits (well excluding my gay… Read More

Just the Tip: Why Ask Jeeves when you can ask Emlyn?

Yo E, Still trying to figure this Twitter thing out. What is retweeting people?! What does it mean when someone DMs me?!? I am not sure so i have just been favoriting a lot of stuff. Confused. Blessings,… Read More

Just the Tip: Carrying on with a handle of vodka

In this week’s column, Emlyn counsels a daughter who is worried about her mother’s alcohol consumption and helps a sophomore decide whether or not to get a meal plan next year. Be sure to submit your questions after… Read More

Just the Tip: Desperate to find a punk like me

Just the Tip returns this week with a questions from one student who struggles with Georgetown’s suit-and-tie culture and another who suspects her friend is bulimic. Dear Emlyn, I’ve found the people here at Georgetown to be great,… Read More

Friendly reminder: Submit your questions to Vox‘s advice column, “Just the Tip”

If you haven’t heard, Vox has a new advice column penned by the radiant Emlyn Crenshaw. The week before break she advised a freshman not to engage in masculine banter and helped a girl decide what to get… Read More