Remix Your Weekend: FLVR BNK, Ke$ha, + Others

Another week, and some more music. A face-melting mix from FLVR BNK as well as another Ke$ha remix (I know, I know, I post so much of her music—but what can I say, I’m in love). But don’t… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: New Ke$ha + Citizen Cope

This week’s songs are on opposite sides of the musical spectrum. The first, a new jam from Ke$ha’s recently dropped album, is a diva pop track about the joys of Boots and Boys, while the second is Citizen… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: RAC, Kesha, + Lady Gaga

Most music posts these days are looking back at all the top 40 wonders, remixes, mash-ups, and all-around ridiculousnesses of 2009, although those who know me may note my overall nostalgic temperament, when it comes to music (and… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Ke$ha Remix and New Hood Internet

This week is a week of looking back, a week of reflection, if you will, as both the featured songs actually in one way or another link back to previous posts of mine. So, let us go together… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: The Weekend of Female Vocalists

I could have posted any of the numerous turbo-charged mashups/remixes out there this weekend, but instead I have opted to higlight two artists that have set the sphere (and my ears) a-blaze: female party-pop stars Kesha and Kid… Read More