MPD confirms death on Key Bridge as suicide

Documents released by the Metropolitan Police Department on Friday indicate that the police officer who died last December was responding to a suicide attempt, according to the Georgetown Patch. On December 16, U.S. Park Police officer Michael Boehm died on duty at the site of the jumper incident, but at the time the details of the […]

Jumper incident closes Key Bridge in both directions, Park Police officer dies

Update, 11:27 p.m.: The Park Police has identified the deceased officer as Sergeant Michael Boehm. Boehm was responding to the initial report of a possible Key Bridge jumper this evening when he collapsed. He was transported to Georgetown University Hospital, where medical staff tried in vain to resuscitate him. He was declared dead shortly after his […]

Occupy DC to march across the Key Bridge this afternoon

After a story ran earlier this week in The Hoya about Georgetown’s conspicuous absence from the Occupy DC protest (which prompted a certain American University student to accuse us all of being 1%-ers), apparently the Occupiers have decided to take the action to us. It has been announced that later today, at about 2:30 p.m., […]

President Obama to visit Georgetown Waterfront Park on Wednesday

According to the Washington Post, President Barack Obama is expected to visit the newly-completed Georgetown Waterfront Park tomorrow, as part of his promotion of the American Jobs Act. The purpose of the visit will be to discuss the Key Bridge, which was recently reported as “structurally deficient” and in need of immediate repair. Under the […]

The mysterious case of the Georgetown students’ Key Bridge jump video

The remnants of the YouTube video in question A few weeks ago, Georgetown basketball blog Casual Hoya ran a post about a YouTube video of two male Georgetown students jumping off the Key Bridge into the Potomac River.  The feat was fantastic enough to earn mentions on a few other blogs, and it seemed all […]

‘Splosions! On the Potomac! By Key Bridge!

This is exactly what it’s going to look like What do you get when cross  “elite Washington field office of the FBI and a team of agents with exceptional and diverse skills who are called together for only the most critical cases” in a TV show? Exploding boats! Visible from the Key Bridge! That’s right—in […]

Is the Kappa Hop Georgetown’s Smoot?

If you’re a Georgetown student, chances are that at some time you’ve walked by the “265 Kappa Hops” message taped on the sidewalk of the Key Bridge’s D.C. side. Like me, you’d probably never given it much thought. But, for some reason, when I passed the message on Saturday, an article that ran in the […]