Some senators worry changing GUSA bylaws would allow “cliques” to take control of body

This past Sunday, the GUSA Senate amended its bylaws regarding the election of committee chairs, requiring that all chairs, not just the chair of the Finance and Appropriations Committee, be elected by the entire senate. Some dissenting senators… Read More

GUSA Roundup: What’s a Quorum?

At yesterday’s lightly-attended meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, the senate made some plans for the upcoming inauguration next week and the transition after that. There were no big-ticket issues, so Vox has some miscellany for… Read More

Vox GUSA election questionnaire: Daniel LaMagna-Markel Starks

Vox invited each ticket to respond to five questions about their campaigns to be the next leaders of the GUSA Executive. They will be posted without editing or comment. Below is the response of Daniel LaMagna and Markel… Read More

It’s official: Daniel LaMagna is the GUSA election’s Herman Cain

Vox loves GUSA elections. Full of semi-self-conscious pageantry and hilarious demonstrations of Hoyas’ varying skill levels with Final Cut Pro, the February presidential elections always offer a good laugh during the doldrums of winter. This year is no… Read More

GUSA Roundup: You know what happens when you accede…

Yesterday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate closed a lot of loose ends from last week’s meeting, including a look into removing the university’s ban on student businesses, membership in the student group union, and that… Read More