Last Week on Halftime: Run when it’s not the fall, and ranking college football

As the Halftime staff comes back to a chilly campus after some turkey, they keep us warm with some tips on fighting the cold winter blues with exercise and sports insights! Although Vox finds it very hard to have any… Read More


Last Week on Halftime: Burger week mania

Burgers, burgers, and more burgers. Last week, the Halftime staff went crazy for burgers, reviewing different burgers in Georgetown in relation to one another in a giant, March Madness-style bracket. Vox particularly liked the Five Guys vs. Thunder Burger… Read More

spy dooks

Last Week on Halftime: Releasing the campus tension any way you can

The Halftime staff sure knows how to throw down. This week they wrote about the original Spy Kids and college football and created a playlist in memory of the Reiss Pathway. Erika Bullock and friends undertake a re-watch of one of… Read More


Last Week on Halftime: Baseball ends as football heats up

Halftime‘s writers got all worked up about the end of the pro baseball season with the Giants’ win in the World Series as well as the release of the first-ever college football playoff rankings. Alex Boyd wrote about… Read More


Last Week on Halftime: Getting deep from the passenger’s seat

Halftime got lost daydreaming again—this time about superhero movies and BPL soccer. Sri Ramesh calls ‘em as he sees ‘em—if you were wondering what’s been going on in the BPL lately, he’s your guy. “4. Liverpool Might Be… Read More


Last Week on Halftime: Remember, nature is undefeated

Editor’s note: This Week in Halftime is now Last Week on Halftime and will be posted every Monday. Our Halftime staffers got pretty intense—with politics and Soccer influencing one another, trips into the wilderness, and further thought-provoking assessments. Focusing on the international… Read More