Vox presents the best study spots to keep you sane during finals

It’s that time of year again, Georgetown. No one really knows what time it is, the new definition of ‘crazy night’ becomes shotgunning Starbucks double shot espressos in the Lau 2 bathroom, and Vox reduces the number of daily… Read More

The Atlantic describes Lau’s architecture as “soul-crushing”

Lau looks so bad, you don’t even need to pull an all-nighter in there to feel depressed about it. At least, that’s what The Atlantic‘s recent architecture analysis article says about the brutalist library before going on to explain that… Read More

Vox‘s favorite study spots for finals

Editor’s note: Vox will post only breaking news and other important developments during finals. Vox will return with the summer posting schedule following the end of finals. Theoretically, you could complete every single one of your papers and study for all… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: You give Lau a bad name

There is no place for fashion in Lau, especially during finals week. Kathy and her shower shoes are a direct testament. Cameron H made the common mistake of assuming that a Bollywood film could be shorter than 9… Read More